As Predicted Flooding Around the City on Sunday

Alert DC said:

“The National Weather Service has issued a Flood Warning for the District of Columbia and surrounding areas until 9:45pm this evening [Sunday]. This is likely to cause flooding of small streams and potentially cause flooding of some roadways. especially in low-lying areas. Rock Creek in Rock Creek Park is likely to reach flood stage of 7 feet by 7 PM tonight.”

Here are a few pictures from Georgia Ave, NW just south of New Hampshire.

For the folks in Bloomindale – how’d you manage? Anybody experience flooding in other parts of town?

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  • almost drove at high speed into big, deep puddle on northbound/eastern side of GA Ave this evening. No idea how that would have ended.

  • Have 2 houses next to eachother – one was bone dry, the other had MAAAAAAAjor flooding and in the midst of underpinning/excavation project! It’s the kind of doomsday scenario critics of the process always warn you about.

    Thankfully no collapsed walls (despite having about 1.5 feet of water under my foundation)! It just took 5 hours of sump-pumping with 2 high power pumps.

    I will say this though – the neighborhood (including the notorious Rhode Island and 1st St Flood Zone) was rock solid throughout the storm!

  • Hey PoP – maybe your aftrenoon animal fix should feature two of every animal.

  • That truck in the first photo needed to slow down. You don’t create that high of a splash unless you are going fast.

  • The drain in my neighbor’s basement walkout is clogged, and her house is higher than mine, which means that her flood became my flood. I’m not sure what to do about it, and I’d love some advice. I haven’t been able to get in touch with her yet, and she hasn’t responded to the note I left asking her to call.

    • bfinpetworth

      Horrible problem. We have an abandoned row house next to ours, and last spring its drains were clogged and we had a river running from his yard into our yard and ultimately into our basement. We tried various fixes, but ultimately the best fix appears to be getting our own drains cleared so that we can handle his runoff. I also had the guttering along the back of house routed out to the alley rather than our own drains – thus reducing the total flow the drains need to handle during peak rains.

      So far this fix seems to have worked. Another neighbor worked on clearing the abandoned house drains – I’m not sure how well that worked – and I added some guttering extensions to the abandoned house so that his rainwater is routed to the back of his yard rather than the drains.

      It is rough to have to worry about a neighbor’s infrastructure and compensate for its shortcomings, but that is how we handled it and we are sleeping better during rainstorms…

    • On a related note, does anyone have a suggestion for who to call to clear a clogged outdoor drain?

      • bfinpetworth

        I think I used Thomas E Clark Plumbers. It was a pretty simple job – they were able to plunge both drains with little effort and tested with running water to make sure it was fully clear. Cost about $100-150 if I remember correctly.

        I guess it can be a bigger deal if your drain line is collapsed.

      • Call James at 301-204-1005, he’s got the whole set of powered drain snakes and can do any exterior drain. He is super responsive and I’ve found his prices fair.

        I had him do an exterior drain for me late last year and will be asking him to do the entire exterior drainage system on my house soon.

      • Do it yourself. Use a snake and/or large shop vac & you’ll be fine. Very easy.

        • Sometimes thats just not possible. When the shop vac and hand snake dontt work, you will need to call someone.

  • Just more proof that city services are terrible. I demand lower taxes. That will fix this problem.

  • How man of these “flooding events” are due to poor maintenance of storm drains? The image above appears to be due to defered maintenance.

    Pretty rediculous putting property at risk because the there is a blocakge in the drainage system, that also carries raw sewage.

    • bfinpetworth

      Even worse, the blickages are purposeful in some cases and may be here. When construction is in the area they block drainage, presumably to keep construction waste from heading into wastewater system.

  • OMG – All of our hardwork and “TLC” paid off.

    Basement if bone dry still.

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