3605 14th St, NW Building Sells – New Owners Hope to Open a Fusion Restaurant

More exciting news from upper 14th St, NW in Columbia Heights. I’m happy to share more good news that the building at 3605 14th St, NW has recently sold. I spoke with one of the new owners (who also lives in the neighborhood of Columbia Heights) and he hopes to open a restaurant/lounge in the space though plans are obviously in only the very early stages. Architects are currently being consulted. But if all goes well – the owners hope to open up a Fusion restaurant with “cross cultural cuisine” featuring a mix of Asian/Indian/Latin ingredients. Because a big renovation is required we are probably talking about an 18 month process. I’ll be sure to update when plans progress.

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  • Do the owners of Fusion on GA Ave know about this?

  • As if DC needs another fusion restaurant. I mean, are there really so few places to get saccharine pad thai with a side of gamy tuna rolls?

    • I too laugh at the Great Unwashed.

    • i don’t know about that, but i do know this stretch of 14th st sure could use some places that sell something besides dirty carry-out, liquor, or phone cards.

      I can tell you don’t live in the neighborhood because even if the concept wasn’t your favorite, you would still be excited about someone taking any of the vacant or underutilized storefronts and giving us a dining option.

  • This sounds promising. What this part of 14th needs. Hope they have good happy hour specials!!!

  • i think this place is being designed by Kube Architecture kube-arch.com

  • thought we were judging buildings here. wow, the front of that place is ugly. looks like a dentist office.

    just out of curiosity, how much does a small restaurant reno/insert cost?

  • Ummmmmm Didn’t this building used to be a funeral home? I can’t say I want to chomp up my fusion meal in the same room that bodies were embalmed and laid out for viewing.

  • Great news on the heels of Tegeste’s opening (which is excellent, BTW, go eat there). So I’m not as squeamish as FoxyBrown, I’m excited about this prospect and hope the reno takes less than 18 months! I live just a block away and would love to have something different mixed in with the Salvadoran joints now prevalent. Not to knock Red Derby just up the street which has wonderful burgers, and the Peruvian chicken/bakery place, but sometimes you want something other than burgers or chicken with plantains. And I can only eat at Tegeste every so often, Ethiopian food’s pretty rich.

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