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  • I just made my picks. I’m gonna win that shirt!

  • I’m in. I know zippo about basketball, so all my picks are random/personal, but I really want a pop shirt!

  • i’m going on record as saying heather will finish better than i will. 🙂

  • Kevin, I’m with you! I am not a diehard fan, but I follow college basketball. Inevitably, every year I finish in the bottom half of every pool I enter.

  • I’m having a problem logging in. I get a message that says “An Error Has Occurred”

    • I think it is a problem with CBS Sports, my other brackets are not loading either. I would try back again in a little bit to see if it is working.

  • Made my picks using the Blindfold Brackets thing on WSJ.com. I liked how my “unbiased” bracket turned out so I’m running with that this time around. Unfortunately, I’m 0-2 on the play-in games. Fortunately, that doesn’t hurt my chances at winning the coveted shirt!

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