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  • I bring my kid here too.

  • If you bring your kids somewhere where there’s bound to be fights, drunken idiots, and drunk drivers just so you don’t have to pay a babysitter. I feel sorry for your child. Wonderland has one exit form the top floor, if a stampede occurs, it won’t be so child friendly.

    • In most other countries it’s perfectly normal for parents to take kids with them to bars, and they turn out just fine…

      • This is not most other countries… This is doucheland city [DC]… I grew up only seeing parties when they were house parties (controlled environments). based on what I’ve seen in many years of going out to places, including Wonderland, its not safe for children. Somewhere more corporate, like Fridays or Dave and Busters would be much better suited for family outings if you want to get smashed in front of your kids.

        • uh like totally bro, hic*, I bring the kidz to wonderland , HIc*, around midnight on sturdazee, Hic, mostly, you know to lighten the mood…. cuz [fart] like chuckie-cheese is the most dangerous restaurant chain ever, burp…

        • yeah, because we all know that if you go to a bar you HAVE TO get smashed. enough with the polarizing statements.

      • I’m guessing by “most other countries” you mean Western Europe where there is a significant bar/pub culture. And people do bring kids to drinking establishments – but only if the place has a policy allowing them to. You’ll often see “child friendly” next to a pub listing in the UK. But even then kids are usually not allowed at night. The individual place just needs to have a clear policy – like children OK on the patio til 7, maybe 8 in the summer and no kids at the bar itself. Then everyone can deal.

        • This is basically right, although Japan, China, and South Korea don’t seem to have any problems with drinking when children are present, either. Japanese izakaya are the moral equivalent of British pubs, where you can get a good meal and a beer with your family or get hammered with your co-workers, depending on the place and the time of day.

          I take my kids to the patio at the Wonderland on weekdays until sunset or weekends in the afternoon when the weather’s good. They love the mac & cheese and making friends with the dogs. We have never had a problem with fights, drunks, or danger of any kind. Quite literally fun for the whole family.

          The Wonderland used to have a great parents-and-kids happy hour thing upstairs on Wednesdays. They’d put out some toys for the kids to play with and the parents could relax with each other while the kids played together. It wrapped up at 8:00 or so. I would never take them there at night, nor do I think they would be welcome. Of course, I find the hipster 22-year-olds getting hammered on PBR tiresome, too, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out on much…

          Ditto with Meridian Pint–we go there for brunch on Sunday and have a pint or two, or maybe for an early dinner, but clearly they are not welcome in the basement, nor would I consider taking them there. There are pretty clear lines and as long as parents have common sense and respect for other patrons, there’s no reason why they be ghetto-ized to abhorrent obesity factories like TGIFridays. Better off staying at home.

          • I can agree with this, there is a time and place for everything, I just don’t believe that 11pm at wonderland is either the time or place for kids.

          • ah

            At 11pm pretty much only a bed is the place for kids.

          • No one is bringing their kids to bars at 11pm. All the “kid happy hours” that everyone is bitching about occur between 5 and 8pm. And, even if there is not a formal “kid” designated time, a kid in a pub type bar (i.e. that serves real food) before 8pm should not be an issue.

            Did Wonderland cancel its Wednesday kiddy happy hour?

      • saf

        Why does everyone always say this?

        This has not been my experience.

    • Fights, drunken idiots and prissy Jack mommas are the cold hard way of the world. And most of the fun (except for the Jack Mommas) Toughen those little guys up! A nipple on Jack Daniels never hurt anyone!

      Nothing has ever made me slightly more amenable to the idea of reproduction than the knowledge that I could at least take them to Wonderland. And who needs a babysitter when you have a closet with a good lock?

      As for stampede exits – never go to Target – BB&B or Washington Sports club at DCUSA – worst emergency exit design ever.

    • Wonderland has two exits. One down the stairs, and one past the bar going to a fire escape.

      • Fine, well what if there were a tsunami? Or one of those frozen chunks of toilet waste fell from a passing airliner and crashed through the roof.

        It’s *just* not safe for children!!!

        • +1

          The Stampede dude is the dumbest commenter I’ve read on PoP.

          What if a meteor lands on Wonderland? What if an earthquake has its epicenter on 11th street? What if you get confused and think you are taking your kids to Wonderland but actually take them to The House?

          In conclusion: the stampede guy is an idiot.

    • Does someone have issues with alcohol? You can go to a places like Wonderland or The Argonaut and have a beer with friends…..and not get wasted or trampled in a stampede.

  • That sign makes no sense, unless it’s saying that the bar encourages random groping (which hasn’t really been my kind of scene since college).

  • what’s the shout out to pOp readers? do people on this site talk crap about Wonderland and kids? i don’t get it.

  • Who’s naked kid is that?

    All of us childish adults on PoP should take heart. Wonderland wants us. They do baby happy hour, let in people in skinny jeans with beards, and let people fight and pass out, etc. Woo-hoo!

    We can all coexist there, sketchily.

  • Wonderland has to be the most ridiculous craphole excuse for a bar I’ve ever seen.

    The place is nasty and should be condemed. No one has bothered to run a mop through the place since the day it opened. On top of the fact that every single employee there is about as rude, aloof and unconcerned with their customer as it gets, not to mention that the place is about as expensive as it gets in DC for beer.

    But the hipsters arrive in mob fashion to pay Georgetown prices for subpar service and a disgusting environment. But hey, atleast you can bring your kid to the bar and hang out with all your other hipster friends who are also lacking sense.

    • Ugh. I hate it when the last comment is full of snark. Just ruins the whole thread. Kind of like putting the family circus at the end of the daily comics. There it is, just waiting to suck. Just like 90% of joker’s comments.

    • i wonder if joker is capable of writing a post that doesn’t make him/her sound like a complete asshole…

      doubt it.

      • I challenge anyone to walk into the front door of that place and tell me it doesn’t smell like piss.

        After you’ve then waited 15 minutes for the surly server to break herself away from playing with her iphone and walk over to you, I then challenge you to find a beer that they sell that you couldn’t order in Georgetown for less.

        That place is already taking a hit from Meridian Pint. As soon as “Tryst 2” opens across the street, Wonderland is gonna have to buy some cleaning supplies for the first time and instruct their hired help not to actively drive customers away.

        • 50+ yrs operating as a bar isn’t gonna be scrubbed outta the woodwork in that place with cleaning supplies.

          You know, I haven’t been a regular there since the first 2-3 yrs they were open, so I don’t really know anyone working there anymore…but I still don’t ever get this attitude joker and WDC refer too.

          As for Gtown beer price comparisons, I call bullshit.

          Even if I didn’t have to add the cost of taxis on top of my bar tab there, it’s ***Georgetown*** dude. How often are Wonderland and “Georgetown Bar X” ever really competing for the same bar patron’s dollar? That’s apples and oranges. At least pick a reasonable competitor offering similar draft beers.

        • Joker doesn’t get served quickly because everyone who works at WL knows he’s an ass.

    • Like everything, once it gets discovered by the masses, it tends to get overrun. The patio is great for warm weather. Generally, I’d say that bar is nice off peak hours. I liked it more after it had just opened, when it was more of a hidden gem. Remind me to enjoy H Street while it’s still considered off the beaten path by MoCoians and NoVaites. As we speak, the College Parkers are starting to creep in.

      Big kudos to them for making space for the entire community. They get it.

      For the record, I would personally pay more to not have to imbibe at Georgetown.

      • right on. wonderland is still pretty great “off-peak.” stay away on fri/sat night, and you might just get the impression that it’s a nice little neighborhood bar.

    • I’m with joker. Never had a good experience at Wonderland, which is too bad, because I like the idea of a neighborhood watering hole with a special kiddie happy hour. But it’s dirty, and if you’re not a regular, the staff treat you like you just piddled on the rug. Seriously, the last time I went there, we were two of about eight patrons in the whole place, and the waitress ignored us in order to focus on chatting up the barflies. When we asked for drinks, we got an eye-roll and a huff… and a 15-minute wait while she continued to socialize.


  • Has anyone bothered to ask what the kids think of going to a bar? I hated going to restaurants unless it was Burger King and I could wear that paper crown. I would not have enjoyed going to a bar for one second and would have been bored to tears, not unlike when my parents dragged me along while they went shopping for antiques. I would expect that there would be lots of kids fussing, “I wanna go HOME!” while their parents are too busy getting smashed to care.

    • I totally agree with you. I’m not overly righteous, but if you want to go to a bar, just hire a damn babysitter. Not only do I think taking children/babies to a bar sends the wrong message, I think it would be a bore to the child. I would also not allow my child to play on a dirty floor, especially that of Wonderland’s.

    • My kids love going to Wonderland on a sunny Saturday afternoon. We ask them where they want to go and they tell us. You have to realize, the food at the Wonderland is no great shakes but it is a toddlers dream: man’n’cheese, hamburgers, and hotdogs. My 4-year-old’s only complaint is that we don’t let him get more than one dish per visit. They love playing with dogs, climbing on the tree, and making eyes at the other toddlers–and some of the wait staff.

      And we do hire sitters for nights out at nice restaurants. But sometimes that’s not what’s called for. Sometimes, you just want to sit in the sun and hang out with your kids while you drink a beer somewhere other than your own house. I’m sorry if you’re somehow offended by this; except that I totally don’t care what you think. The folks at the Wonderland are plenty happy to welcome our business (before 8:00 pm, and I wouldn’t think about taking there after) and in our blessed free-market economy, that’s the only thing that matters. If you don’t like it, go to an establishment that doesn’t welcome children. There are plenty of them, and that’s fine. The free market has something for everybody.

      • Exactly. Thank you for talking sense. I don’t know why it’s shocking to people that kids actually enjoy things like… other kids, and dogs, and kid-friendly food. Wonderland is a fun place for kids to play. And it’s cool that both parents and their kids can enjoy themselves — along with other people from the neighborhood with kids — at the same time.

        If people are annoyed by kids, they should probably just stay out of neighborhood bars in general.

  • Apparently, sir or madam, you have never seen Rose Is Rose. That waste of ink takes “insipid” to tha H-N-L (‘hole ‘nother level). I mean, it makes the Wayans Brothers look positively intellectual.

  • I go to a bar because it is an adult environment. I don’t have to listen to some whiny kid or curb my behavior because some kid might get the wrong impression. I don’t understand why parents think kids should be allowed everywhere. If you can’t get a sitter, stay home. If you can’t bear to be apart from your kid for a few hours, then take them to TGI Fridays or Applebee’s. Those are family friend environments and they serve alcohol.

    • You want ‘adult environment’? I hear the House is lovely, and you’ll never see a single kid there.
      Luckily, it’s not up to solipsistic, self-entitled chumps like you who a given place chooses to serve but to the establishments involved. Some of them welcome my patronage, and they get my business. The Wonderland and Meridian Pint are both among these. Some of them don’t and I don’t take the kids there. I don’t think my kids should be allowed everywhere, but I have no qualms about taking them to anyplace that welcomes them. You don’t like it? Fine, go somewhere else.

      My personal wish is that I didn’t have to see fools like you when I go out to bars, but unfortunately I don’t have much say in the matter either. SO I’ll have to put up with you and you’ll have to put up with my kids.

  • Poon continues to be shocked by the amount of people who frequent a blog with the tag line “The Beautiful Life” that absolutely hate the Life.

    You don’t have to love Wonderland, but for fuck’s sake people, stop uploading your misery.

    PoP, you must be so torn between getting lots of comments and the nature of a significant percentage of the horrible, miserable dipshits who read what you post and want nothing more than to criticize the city, our neighborhoods, or the places we like going spending our time.

    The miserables know who they are. Poon dislikes you.

  • Mr. Poon, you put perfectly into words my exact thoughts.

    How can such a fantastic blog reap such vile comments?

    • I agree that the level of indignation that many people have expressed is way out of line. Why can’t people express different opinions without such anger towards the other person?

      Why do people have to resort to name calling and making extreme exaggerated statements? It is very hateful and divisive. It is like people are taking all of the frustrations of their life out in these comments.

      It is okay to disagree and be respectful.

  • What is nasty is how many people throw around comments about “Hating Kids”. Hating kids to me is just as irrational and HATEFUL as hating people because an attribute like they’re gay or Jewish or black or Malayan or schizo.

    Being a misopedist is not cool. Throwing around comments like that is gross.

    The debates about kids in restaurants is reasonable — but the reason why this whole thing is irksome is how comfortable people are in general with saying they “hate kids”.

    If you are uncomfortable with people mentioning they hate gays, I would encourage you to consider your reaction when people casually mention they hate kids and possibly challenge it.

    • houseintherear

      All of the “kid haters” are actually “parent haters”.

      I’m a teacher, and kids annoy me at restaurants and stores as much as they annoy the next guy. But I take out my rage on the lazy idiots who are in charge of those kids, where it belongs.

    • Also, they hate childish behavior. Which is COMPLETELY fair and not the same as “hating gays or blacks.”

  • Just back from the weekend to read such uninformed comments about Wonderland. Firstly, Wonderland creates and supports kid happy hour and they are incredibly succesful. Secondly, our kid and dog also love it there. Good bar food, a chance to play in the sun with other adult friends and their kids and dogs. Thirdly, they have a chance to see something I did not growing up -seeing sopcialize a bar. For those that think of drunken men falling all over eachother, that is not typical at neighborhood Wonderland bar on a Wed around 6-9pm.

    Every once in a while there is something innapropriate. The lesson to our kids is that in a city that happens sometimes. Don’t stress out….just move on and keep having fun. Our kids can handle it. In my parental opinion, it is the parents who get so freaked out that causes the problem.

  • As a patron of yours, I don’t like kids in bars. You should take note as well.

  • As far as kids are concerned, the only thing I really care about is that their parents remember….its still a bar. If you are there in the evening with your kids, that’s fine but don’t ask me not to swear, or if I am outside in a designated smoking section, not to smoke. As long as your kid isn’t spilling on me, and you aren’t trying to tell me to alter my bar behavior to fit your kids needs in what is an environment designed for adults, the more power to you who like to drink with your offspring.

  • Is there even a tgi fridays or applebees in dc?

    • There’s a Fridays on Pennsylvania near foggy bottom, don’t even think about it. It’s even worse than the ones from the strip malls of my youth. Don’t get me started on Applebee’s, always imagine it to be amazing, it’s always the worst meal I’ve ever had.

  • If a bar allows, and people want to bring, their kids with them to drink, I don’t see a problem with that. Whether it’s a kid whose screaming or crying, or an adult whose loud annonying laugh is like fingers scratching a chalkboard, anytime you enter a bar there is a real possibility of encountering some behaviour by other patrons that bugs the crap out of you. But parents should not expect bar patrons to conform their adult behaviour to the presence of a child. This means no stinkeyeing the people for using a swear word or ten, smking cigarettes, or engaging in graphic adult conversations that are not appropriate for kids.

  • Just because Wonderland has a Ms. Pacman machine doesn’t mean you should drag your annoying kid(s) there.

    Also, if you expect me to alter my behavior in anyway because of your kid, I’ll gladly tell you to go fuck yourself; I’m not the dumbass who brought their toddler to a bar.

    • For the record, you don’t own Wonderland. It’s not your bar. You have a right to leave if you don’t like what goes on there. I recommend you exercise that option. There are a couple bars within walking distance of Wonderland. Maybe you could start patronizing bars that aren’t family friendly. Whatever you do, don’t prove yourself to be more of a child than actual children. Grow up.

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