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  • I’m probably the biggest blues fan (and I’ve been very involved with the local blues scene for a long time) on this blog and I’ve never seen Taj live. I also like Los Lobos, but I have to see Taj!

  • I saw Taj Mahal at the old FIlmore East in the sixties and didn’t realize they were still alive!

  • I know that Taj Mahal is a person not multiple people!

  • I love them both but I’ve never seen Taj live, so hook me up PoP!

  • I love Taj Mahal! LOVE HIM. His was the first blues concert I ever went to. My dad took me to see him when I was a kid and I was mesmerized! I’ve loved him ever since. I just made a birthday CD for my boyfriend with a bunch of Taj Mahal (he’s never listened to him) and it’d be awesome to show him the wonders of a live Taj Mahal show! Let’s be honest if I don’t win these tickets I’ll almost certainly be buying them, but getting them for free would be sweet ass. (Not gonna lie I don’t know much about Los Lobos, but if I win the tickets I promise to embrace them with the same vigor that I usually only reserve for Taj).

  • If I win these tickets, I ain’t gonna be whistlin’ dixie no mo’! Huge Taj fan. have all his albums – my favorite has to be’71s The Real Thing. never been to one of his shows though!

  • My sweetie and I saw Taj Mahal in person many years ago on one of our first dates. I’d love to take him to this concert…especially since he had flowers delivered to my office for Valentine’s Day and I had nothing for him. Please help me redeem myself, PoP.

  • Did you know that the Allman Brothers version of Statesboro Blues was inspired by Taj Mahal’s version. It was originally recorded, or course, by Blind Willie McTell.

    Because I’m a blues geek who knows stuff like this, those tickets should be mine. Also, I play the harmonica, and so does Taj.

  • Because he was the inspiration for Ben Harper’s “Suzie Blue” (http://tinyurl.com/5up9fdn) which is to this day one of my favorite songs. And plus I can never get enough of Taj’s growlly soulful blues.

  • when my fiancé and i first started dating, he listened to cassette tapes in his car – that’s right, no CD player…no iPod, no facebook, no blackberry/iPhone. he’s a bit of a throwback. the chance for me to take him to hear what taj sounds like live would be amazing.

  • It’s a shame that “La Bamba” has defined Los Lobos as a band for most people. They’ve done quite a few (good) albums, and they’re a great show to catch.

    • I saw them once at a festival and they were probably the loudest band I’ve ever heard. They covered “Bertha” by the Grateful Dead at that show.

    • I always fast forward through the song and just listen to the last 30 seconds. Amazing.

  • When I was a young child in Los Angeles, I once was walking with my mother along the street when I saw the ice cream cart man across the street. I quickly let go of my mother’s hand and without thinking (at least about anything other than ice cream) and darted into the street intending to cross it to get to the ice cream. A car was moving quickly down the street toward me and would have struck me and likely killed me if not for David Hidalgo, one of the singers/guitarists of Los Lobos, who happened to be walking down that same stretch of sidewalk. Somehow he got into the road and in front of the car and miraculously stopped the car by putting his hands on the front bumper and holding fast. I have no idea how he did it. I then remember my shrieking and crying mother asking who Mr. Hidalgo was and he said, “oh just some rock and roller.” He then gave my mother two tickets to the next local Los Lobos show and vanished. I owe Los Lobos my life. I’ve tried to see them every single time they are in town since then, no matter where I’ve lived, in gratitude. So, I’d love the free ticket.

    p.s. None of the above is true. It’s all fiction. However, I do love blues and American roots music, particularly Taj and Los Lobos, and I’d love to go see ’em (seen Los Lobos a few times before, never seen Taj Mahal).

  • Oddly enough, my parents used to play Los Lobos on car trips.. it would be awesome to get the chance to rock out in person!

  • I found Taj when I was a young college radio station DJ. I have loved him ever since. My personal favorite is “Real Bad Day” but the audience seemed to like “Queen Bee” the most. I would very much like to see him. Are tickets sold out? If I don’t win, I’ll look into buying them

  • Because since I was little, listening to ‘Corinna’ has been one of the only things that ever made me feel better. Even at points in my life when I was going through some truly awful sh*t, that song always made me feel like if I had a Corinna in my life (or if I someday became a woman like Corinna), everything would be okay. I’d love to hear it live.

  • I want to go because I grew up listening to Taj and Los Lobos with my dad and to finally see them live and be able to tell my dad would be awesome. It’s cheesy but you know what? I like cheese and I bet you do too.

  • Because Stagger Lee was the only good thing I got from my ex-girlfriend.

  • If I am on the guest list for Los Lobos and Taj Mahal, I will Shakin’ Shakin Shakes my way down U St with the Queen Bee.

  • I won’t really mind if I don’t win the tickets. It’s just nice to see other Taj fans here.

  • Sometimes on this earth you get the chance to mingle with princes, but occasionally the time comes to see the real king. Taj Mahal is not only the co-king of the blues with BB but is joined by one the best groups touring out there now. My only hope is that Taj and Los Lobos play a few tunes together. Talk about experiencing auditory bliss.

  • I would love to go see this show because I think Los Lobos are fantastic musicians and based on the comments on this post, I clearly need to make myself familiar with Taj Majal’s music. Also, I spent all my concert money for this month on a show at the Black Cat which I found out today was moved to the State Theatre in Falls Church and now I have to unexpectedly trek all the way to VA for it (doable, sure, but not exactly convenient). I’m treating my friend who has been unemployed for 4 months to that show, and I would definitely bring her with me to this show!
    @Gary – auditory bliss indeed!

  • 9:30 has an old people section with a bar in back. pick me! Big lobos fan.

  • Because I got the blues so bad and need to get rid of my permanent frown. Seeing Taj would be like a cakewalk into town!

  • I just realized that Charlie Musselwhite is playing at George Mason Saturday. This could be one hell of a great music weekend!

  • I would request “la bamba” as my lullaby when I was kid. The alternatives were terrifying songs in spanish about being eaten by monsters if I was naughty or thinly veiled melodic threats if I cried – oh abuela!

    Los lobos saved me from childhood trauma. Tickets please!

  • I once learned how to play every song on giant step/de old folks at home. OK, not really, but a lot of them! I would love to see Taj and I live right around the corner!!!

  • Los Lobos is the best 100% American Music (as in the Continente) there is. They are my favorite band in this Hemisphere.


  • Prince Of Petworth

    Congrats to traumatized!

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