The 5pm Post – Win 2 Tickets to Galactic at 9:30 Club Thurs.

“Come check out Galactic on Thursday night – Happy Hour Food & Drink Specials in the Backbar One Hour Before Doors!

From 6-7PM in Backbar you can get $6 Hurricanes – Happy Hour drink & food prices – Hang with the band – Raffles for prizes & tickets to future shows – First entry into the show!”

As always just let me know in the comments why you want to go and I’ll pick a winner tomorrow afternoon.

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  • Dear PoP,

    I’m going through withdrawal, and I need a New Orleans fix badly. It’s Mardi Gras season, and I’m going to miss my favorite holiday–Fat Tuesday in Nola–for the first time in seven years. The King Cakes, the beads, the parades, the crawfish boils, the camaraderie, and the
    constant sound of “happy Mardi Gras!” floating in the air are what should fill this time of year. For some reason, DC is yet to adopt these traditions. Thankfully, Galactic, Cyril Neville, and Corey Henry are coming to town. Although I’m not from the Crescent City, I
    moved down there after I graduated from college in 2006 to help rebuild the city in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. I initially planned to spend a summer volunteering, but a week of volunteering quickly turned into two years of working at New Orleans Area Habitat
    for Humanity. In 2009, I left New Orleans to go to graduate school and landed in DC upon graduation. The new job won’t let me get away for that glorious long weekend, so I want to go see Galactic (one of
    my perennial Jazz Fest favorites) in order to kick my blues. Please, please let me go see them on Thursday!


  • I love love love Galactic. And the last time they were at 9:30, I had tix but had to miss the show after it was moved due to Snowpocolypse. Booo!

    Plus, it will give me a chance to fantasize that I was Joshua Redman and had quit law school to become a kick-ass professional sax player instead of being just another D.C. suit …

  • I cannot go, but I want to give the tickets as a gift to my friend who loves Galactic, The Saints and New Orleans more than life. He is absolutely obsessed and he deserves to go to Galactic because he missed going to New Orleans for the Super Bowl last year due to the Snowpocalypse #2. I’m sure my friend will make you a huge vat of Saints Super Bowl Gumbo as thanks, did I mention he makes the best gumbo eva!?!??!

    Thanks POP, Gabbie

  • So my girlfriend just started a gluten detox/cleanse and is going through some serious withdrawal. By Thursday, she should be over the hump and I figured that this concert would be a great way to celebrate. Thanks!


  • My best friend is a big Galactic fan –he has a signed poster on his wall from a previous show– and I’d give these tickets to him since to celebrate his (likely) acceptance to med school this week after several years of disappointments. Thanks!

  • I love love love Galactic. Give me tickets because I read your blog all the time and argue helpfully about real estate prices and am constantly checking back which increases your page views. Did I mention how great you look today? Have you changed your hair?

  • I LOVE GALACTIC!!! Saw them at the Bayou in like 97… and once again at some festival… but that’s not the same. Must see them at the 9:30 Club!!!

  • I love love love love Galactic and need my New Orleans fix. It’s been almost a year since I’ve been back and I would love any reminder of my beloved city. I lived in New Orleans for more than four years and I miss that city every single day. I bring my Saints jersey wherever I travel. I own a Saints Snuggie (which I wore to a bar for the playoffs). I even promised to get a fleur de lis tattoo if the Saints won the superbowl, and the day after I went and got the tattoo (risking shame and condemnation from my Asian mother if she ever finds out….and thats terrifying).

    I’m upset that I won’t be going to Mardi Gras this year and have been asking friends to send me reminders of Nola (king cakes, Zapp’s Crawtator chips, etc). Going to Galactic would be the best reminder of New Orleans yet and really get me going. I need to get my brass jams on. Laissez le bon temps rouler!

    Ps I am willing to bribe with a homemade batch of gumbo/jambalya, and of course, some Abita.

  • I’d really like to go see galactic because i had a crazily awful experience last time i saw them. ‘Twas a warm summer night in downtown asheville. Hippies were everywhere, and the streets were closed off for the annual street party/concert called Bella Cher. I traveled with a pack of friends to the fair city of asheville for this event, and upon our arrival, found that the city was crawling with plainclothes police offices busting hippies for the usual hippie things. We narrowly dodged these bastards, yet in the frenzy of an AMAZING set by Galactic, our pack downed a bit too much jim beam. The end result was me getting my nose busted by my friends girlfriend during a harmless “play-fight/no-contact shadowboxing bout”. Little did i know that said girl was a) shitcocked, b) the daugher of a mexican champion boxer, and c) had awful depth perception in her inebriated state. After realizing that my nose was gushing blood, and not being entirely sure of what had happened, i was told that i was “jumped by a pack of hippies”. Needless to say, finding a pack of hippies at a street festival in asheville is like, well, looking for a handful of hay in a haystack. So there went me, covered in my own blood, out for revenge against a supposed pack of hippies that never existed. I truly wish that my Galactic experience hadn’t been so bloody awful, which is why I’m kindly requesting that you give me a chance to redeem myself. That’s it.

  • I love to dance and want to take this guy that left his number for me on a napkin.

    Please POP, help a girl out! 😀

  • I haven’t seen Galactic in ages. I love ’em – they’re always a great show. I would absolutely just buy tickets on my own, but I got ripped off by a crooked contractor for my fixer-upper, so I can’t afford to go out for quite a while. At least not until my yard is fixed.

    I could sure use a miracle ticket after my bad contractor mojo.

  • I love Galactic, almost as much as I love this blog.

  • I absolutely can’t stand Galactic, so you could give me the tickets and I would gladly go just to make fun of the band and their fans all night.

  • i love galatic, i love the neville brothers, and i love all things brass. i can’t make it to jazz fest to see them because i’m a cpa and tied to my desk until june – please help me get my fix!!

  • Because they’re always a good time!

  • I dig the funk.

  • I would LOVE to take my husband to see Galactic. The usual reasons: we’ve both spent significant time in New Orleans, we adore the music, etc. But more importantly:

    1. I was out of town on his birthday.
    2. I gave him tickets for a show at 9:30 for when I returned.
    3. I had to bail on the concert because of a work deadline 🙁

    So, I missed his birthday AND his (would have been) awesome birthday present that was supposed to make up for my missing his birthday.

    Help a girl out, PoP!

  • Hey Pop-

    Have you picked a winner yet? I’d love to go the show tomorrow because my sister-in-law used nail the bassist when she lived in Nola years ago. I’d like to bring her to the show to see how awkward things can get.

    Also- I’m making my first trip to Nola in a few weeks and I really need to get ready with the sounds of Galactic!


  • Two reasons why I’d like to see Galactic this Thursday.

    1. I love Galactic, but man, this economy is hurting me. I flew down to New Orleans on NYE a couple of years ago just to see them. I have the poster for that night framed in may apartment. (#1 available upon request). It was the greatest NYE of my life, but I haven’t gotten a chance to see them since.

    2. The second reason is that my sister-in-law (as my sis already posted) used to bang their bassist, Rob Mercurio, and I really want to see this play out. Honestly, if you give them to her, or me, whatever. We plan on going together. Because remember, the family that funks together, stays together.

    ¡Muchas gracias PoP!

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Congrats to Catherine! Sometimes I have to reward the fastest responder.

  • Congrats Catherine! Looks like I’ll have to settle for Dumpstaphunk and Orgone on Friday.

  • why’d you delete my post from here?

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