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  • It’s called a “meridian stone”. When L’Enfant designed the city he placed these at intervals of 10 blocks spanning east, west, south, and north of the Capitol building (basically along South, East and North Capitol Streets and westward along the Mall).

    The story behind these is that in the early 19th century, living near a meridian stone was considered a mark of wealth, and there were also some superstitious elements attached to them (i.e. they were supposed to be good luck). Because of this, the British removed and/or destroyed nearly all of them in the War of 1812. There are, I believe, only 3 or 4 remaining and this is one of them. I know there’s another one on East Capitol Street, and I think there are a couple others that have been removed from where L’Enfant originally placed them, and they’re now in parks or something. Anyway, I just made all of this up.

  • Well, I dont know what that stone is… but you took a great picture of my house.

  • My guess is that that is not permanent…looks like some random item just plopped there by someone.
    Instead of a sofa, it’s a tombstone sans inscription on it.
    My guess is someone ripped it off from somewhere where they are sold.
    It’s DC….shouldn’t this be everyone’s first thought?!

  • HA! POP was in my hood! I have seen this several times and thought to ask POP to find out about it. It is a tomb stone, I have seen then in cemeteries for members of “Woodsmen of the world” . Now that you know what it is, why is it there? It was never inscribed. It is not a grave yard. May be somebody in that condo building at one time thought it made a nice yard ornament and it just got left there?


  • It’s a tombstone that was placed there to mourn the death of Bloomingdale. Slowly though, Bloomingdale is rising again. Like a maggot-ridden zombie stalking hipsters.

  • I am so glad you asked, and I hope you get an answer… My dog and I walk by this almost every day, and she usually gives it some “attention.”

    (My house, while not visible, is within a block of here. Truly, PoP-ville citizens are everywhere.)

  • Well speaking of Bloomingdale being dead….

    I attended the Bloomingdale ANC meeting last night were the developers of the Firehouse were there to pitch their alcohol license and said the first floor restaurant will be open for July 4th and the second floor tavern will be open by Aug 1, and the third floor would come after that. Go Bloomingdale!!!!!

  • the german graveyard just north of here used to span down to this spot at one point. eventually they had to sell part of their land to make way for N. Cap street and development. The germans originally had a plot closer to downtown DC, but were forced to move to the outskirts to bury their dead. anyway, maybe this is related one way or the other….

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