What the Helen of Troy is This?

Photo by @adrian_parsons

Thanks to a reader for forwarding this odd sight from twitter user @adrian_parsons. Parsons tweets:

“This is in Eckington and should not be constructed further.”

Anyone know where in Eckington this is being built? Anyone know what the heck it’ll be?

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  • Stairwell/elevator shaft for a new building to be constructed? It’s not uncommon to see this before a cheap plywood building is erected.

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      Emergency stairs/elevator. Built from concrete for fire rating. 5 stories means probably a tall first floor (new retail in Eckington?) with a concrete deck, and 4 stories of wood construction above.

  • that is between Sursum Corda and K St. I have no idea what it is but have been wondering. It resembles a fire drill tower

  • Looks like an elevator shaft. Where in Eckington? I live in Eckington and haven’t seen this yet. Pretty serious fence there too.

  • Between Sursum Corda and K Street is definitely not Eckington. Besides Sursum, does that area have a name? Swampoodle?

  • Looks like a giant version of some IKEA shelving.

  • I heard they found one of those on the moon.

    Also, when you walk near it some spooky classical music picks up, as does the intelligence of nearby hominids.


  • I’m betting fire drill tower

  • Thats Sursum Corda….It looks like DC is rebuilding the part that was recently demolished. Its likely that it will be improved public housing for the residence that were displaced during the reconstruction.

  • It’s the docking gantry for the mothership.

  • This fire-proof structure is a fire department training site. They go over extinguishing techniques, group movement within multi-story buildings, as well as life-saving techniques in relative safety.

  • While it looks similar to fire training structures, DC already has one at their fire academy in Blue Plains. It wouldn’t make any sense to build it in the middle of a populated area.

    Rather, it’s most certainly an elevator shaft for a new building, which explains the wide openings for doors and the extra room at top. They’re typically built first, especially in wood-frame structures.

  • It’s on 1st Street NW between K and M.

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