Wed. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont/U St, NW

This rental is located at 1801 16th Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Your new apartment will also include a refrigerator, gas stove and the utilities are included in rent. Apartments are furnished for your convenience. Please call or email for any questions.

Rents start at $1150 for an Bachelor efficiency, Please call/email for more details.

This apartment complex offers the following amenities:

* Washer/Dryer (In basement-Common)

* Refrigerator

* Cooking Stove

* Cable & High Speed Internet (Comcast Available)”

Does $1150 for an Bachelor efficiency sound right? Does a “Bachelor efficiency” mean no separate kitchen?

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  • I always thought bachelor efficency meant no kitchen.

  • “Bachelor” is Canadian for what the Brits term “bedsit.” It’s usually a very small apartment.

    This sounds like a tiny place with one of those miniature stoves and possibly a minibar fridge like the ones you got in college.

  • NO NO NO! I live in this building and it’s falling apart! I’ve lived here for about 1.5 years and in that time, the ceiling in my bedroom and bathroom have collapsed from plumbing issues twice! The radiators can’t be turned off, so I leave the fans on in January. When I moved in, they didn’t clean the apartment – it still had someone’s slippers in the closet and a rotting sponge in the bath tub. The rumor in the building is that it was recently purchased by a property investment company who plans to convert it into a condo building, so they aren’t investing a dime until they are able to convert. The elevator rarely works and when it does, it will stop at every floor – whether someone pushed the button or not. The wiring on the “fire safety system” in the basement looks like a 5th grade science project. Let’s just say that there is no rent price, location or square footage that can make a crumbling building like this one tolerable. I even like buildings with “character,” but this place (and the management company) should be avoided.

    • Are you planning on moving soon? Sounds terrible…

    • Why are they turning it into condos? They’re hard to sell right now…

      • Really – do you a source on that – specific to the DC condo market? I know of a bunch of apartment buildings that are being sold to condo developers. Perhaps because condos sell well and they’re just running out of desirable land to build new ones. In fact, there’s often competition between developers to purchase and plan apartment to condo projects.

        • My realtor, for one, and stories from various news outlets (all of which I’ll admit could be biased). No cold hard facts, but it makes sense. You can get some good deals on rowhomes these days, and we’ve all heard horror stories about buildings with lots of unsold units being a burden on the owners, so I think a lot of people who are buying right now are going for houses instead.

        • I’ve heard of individuals having trouble securing financing for dome condo developments. Different loan products have requirements about ownership/rental percentage, etc.

      • not sure you’re up to speed on that one.

  • Here’s a link to an article explaining that a bachelor efficiency is actually bigger than a regular efficiency. Interesting. But thanks to Brandon there’s no way in hell I’d ever rent in this building!

  • Can anyone give me an idea of what would be appropriate to charge for a studio on the lower level of a townhouse, with a separate kitchen that is shared with the owners upstairs? Separate entrance, access to the front and back patios, utilities/cable/internet included and 1 block from the Eastern Market metro?

    • Um, as Brandon alluded to above. Right.

    • Great find! I’ve heard this exact story, just never saw documentation of it. There is some funny business in the building for sure. We’ve had several building managers in the short time I’ve lived there. We used to have a nice lady who sat at the front desk in the mornings and a great guy who sat there in the evenings. They both kept the lobby clean and welcoming. Then one day they were gone. The lady had established several friends in the building, she worked there for years and years. Now I don’t even know who accepts our UPS packages. I just have mine sent to work.

  • So you mean a basement room in a group house?

    • More or less. They get their own full bath and separate entrance, but don’t have access to the rooms on the top two levels. They can essentially act like the kitchen is theirs since it’s on their level, but I will be down there cooking occasionally.

      • Just be very clear on what you are offering, put it in the right category on CL – Housing Share – not Apt. for rent and check what similar shares are going for in the neighborhood. And by “cooking occasionally” do you mean like breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks every day? Is it the only kitchen in the house?

        • Well, that’s the tough part because I don’t see anyone offering a similar scenario. There are rooms in group houses that range from $700-1200, but I think this would be a slightly better scenario because there’s more privacy. I’m thinking $1000-1200.

          Yes, it’s the only kitchen, and I do like to cook a lot, but I work full-time and take graduate classes so two days a week I’m gone from 7am to 11pm. It would probably be 2-3 dinners a week and going down to grab something the rest of the time.

          • When you say “separate kitchen,” do you mean that it’s fully blocked off from the rest of the apartment, as in, there’s a door that can be closed and full walls? If not, this sounds like it has less privacy than most rooms offered in house shares.

          • Even with a wall, unless there’s really good soundproofing, I think it could be awkward to be right next to the kitchen. I’m imagining, it’s 11pm and I’m trying to sleep but I can hear my landlord fixing a snack in the kitchen.

            In most other shared houses where you have an upstairs BR that’s not an issue.

          • Then it’s not a separate kitchen, it’s a shared kitchen – you intend to use it virtually every day, at all times of day. They can’t treat it like it’s theirs, because you clearly plan to use it.

            If my landlord intended to enter my living space more than even once a month, that would need to be made VERY clear in the Craigslist ad – otherwise people will think you’re trying to pull a bait-and-switch. What you’re describing is a large bedroom in a housing share.

        • Of course I plan on listing it as a housing share– I’m not trying to do anything sneaky since it would ultimately end up wasting mine and my potential tenant’s valuable time.

          It’s a room with private bath and access to a shared kitchen IF the tenant prefers, or it can be rented for less with no kitchen access. Everything is separated with doors, there’s a corridor between the tenant’s room and the kitchen, and I’m going to look into getting some additional soundproofing installed. As long as the tenant is on a similar schedule I don’t think he/she will be disturbed by me being in the kitchen during normal hours (say between 6-8 pm).

  • With good photos – precise description & accurate location I would list it for $900.00. You get more people to have your pick from, and if it is really that great, some people will offer to pay more.

    • Hmm, I’ve heard it’s better to be on the higher side with rent because you’ll get better quality tenants (a big concern if I’m sharing a common area with them).

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