U Street Becoming Vintage Row – Rock It Again Newest Addition

We’ve been speaking about new clothing coming to 14th St, NW in Columbia Heights but we should also note that U Street is becoming a Vintage mecca. Rock It Again has opened up in the old Nana’s space at 1528 U Street NW (Nana’s is moving to Mt. Pleasant). Rock It again joins Dr. K’s vintage which recently opened up at 1534 U St, NW and Junction Vintage long located at 1510 U St NW.

I’m happy to say that, like the others, Rock It Again looks fantastic. The owners (Aviyah Jacobi and Clint Pierre) come from (and still maintain a presence) at Eastern Market. They offer both Men’s and Women’s and accessories. As always, though it won’t do it justice, the pictures tell a better story than I can:

Lots more photos after the jump.

Aviya Jacobi

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  • Emmaleigh504

    want that fur hat! Prolly wont fit my stupid fat head…grumble grumble.

  • Can’t wait to visit. I want just about everything I see in the pictures. U street is going back to the clothing mecca it once was 45 years ago. Still, I can’t help thinking what a sweet row house that must have been.

  • so sick of overpriced “vintage” stores. sheesh. i guess i do my own legwork- ebay notices, keeping my favorite thrift stores quiet, etc etc…

  • does anybody actually buy stuff in these places? it’s like nordstrom prices meets salvation army

    • I’m guessing there are quite a few people who would rather browse a curated collection of used clothes in their neighborhood rather than go out to Virginia and scavange the racks at Goodwill. If you’re willing to pay more it’s a much nicer shopping experience (no screaming babies and migraine-inducing lighting, for one thing).

      • Agreed. I will stipulate that some of the vintage stores in the area are overpriced and I don’t shop at those ones, but there are many with great deals (not Salvation Army-level deals, but certainly not Nordstrom-level prices).

        FWIW, I love good vintage pieces and I shop eBay, Etsy, Salvation Army, Goodwill, and some of the many vintage stores DC has to offer. Each place/website offers a different shopping experience and different kind of merchandise. Sure, sometimes it’s fun to scour eBay or look through racks and racks of clothes in search of the perfect piece. But, sometimes on a Saturday morning I want to be able to hop into a store, find something to wear out that night, and be out within a half hour.

        Anyway, I’m rambling, but I wish this store success! More vintage options always make me happy!

        • +1 – Everyone wants to “support local business” and live in an “eclectic” neighborhood with cool shops – etc. etc. So maybe that coat costs $20.00 more than it might on ebay – (after you’ve spent 3 hours searching) or even $30.00 more than it might if you happen upon just the right estate sale (before all the professional pickers have scored the good stuff) during your day-long expedition to estate sales all over the tri-state area. . .

          Do you honestly not understand the value of shops like these?

      • That said, I do wish we had some cool stores selling inexpensive used clothing that’s not necessarily special or vintage (like Forever 21 stuff), but with a hipper ambiance and without the racks and racks of ugly worn-out things that you couldn’t give away.

        You see a lot of these stores on te West Coast but not so many here.

  • WTF is “hipper ambiance?” Those stores with “inexpensive used clothing that’s not necessarily special or vintage” are plentiful – they’re called “yard sales.”

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