Tues. Afternoon Rental Option – Mt. Pleasant

This rental is located at Adams Mill Rd. NW at Kenyon:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Large One Bedroom. Listen to the Lions roar. Walk to Adams Morgan. Quiet block. Large, very open and spacious basement apt facing Rock Creek Park directly above the bike path and across the street from National Zoo. Fireplace, A/C, and washer dryer. $1,400. Application fee of $25.00. Available March 1. Lease is for 15 months ending May 31st, 2012. Longer lease available. Deposit $1,400. I make appointments for Saturday between Noon and 2:00. Small pets OK. Pet deposit, add. Rent. Non-zoned street parking.”

$1,400 sound reasonable for this 1 bedroom?

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  • Rent seems ok but a month’s rent for the deposit strikes me as a little hefty, since most places I see in the District with rents upwards of $1000 or so expect only like $500 or so worth of security deposit, and that’s for newer buildings and not house basements.

    Anyone have a different experience?

    • Actually, yes. I paid a month’s rent for my security deposit in my current apartment in D.C. proper (more than this apartment, house basement). I also paid a month’s rent in my last two apartments in the area (one in D.C. proper, one in Arlington, both in buildings, one fairly old, one built in the 1970’s, but recently renovated).

      Anyway, I think this is priced about right. Not a good deal, but not a bad one. I’m wondering how much the additional pet rent runs each month.

    • A month’s rent as a deposit is standard. I take it you haven’t rented much?

      • That said, when I rented I always sought out the places that didn’t require a deposit– I’ve been burned too many times by landlords who wouldn’t return it. No-deposits are somewhat rare but not too hard to find.

    • Large buildings will typically have smaller deposits. It’s homeowners/individual landlords that will more likely charge the full month. It hurts them more if a tenant bails or does real damage.

    • I’ve found rentals in DC typicaly ask for a full month’s rent as a security deposit, in Maryland between half to full month’s rent, and surprisingly I found several places in VA which had no security deposit requirement at all. As for this place, I think it’s a little much for a basement but given how expensive the neighborhood is, someone will probably pay it.

  • Not a chance. This is a full basement, not an English basement; it’s not anywhere near public transportation (bus or metro); there’s no parking; and the lease is unusually long. Also, there are no pictures of the bedroom, which is a big red flag. If all utilities were included, then the deal would be slightly better; otherwise, no more than $1200/month.

    • Uh, it’s right by the H2 bus and not a bad walk from the CH metro (10 mins or so). It’s also a short walk (<5 mins) from the Woodley Park Circulator route, the 42/43 bus and the other H buses, and the S buses on 16th Street. And from experience (my ex lived down the block from there) street parking is easy in that area.

      Rent is about right for the area – obviously it depends on the interior, but it's definitely in the right range for the neighborhood and description. (I'd also bet all utilities but electric are included, since typically basements in this area work like that.)

  • – A full month’s rent is standard
    – I think the 42/43 run near here but this is a long ~7 block walk to Metro
    – The ceilings look barely 6′ high. Really doubt this is a legal apartment.
    – You can do way better for $1400. I agree that maybe $1200 including utilities would be reasonable.

  • “it’s not anywhere near public transportation (bus or metro)”

    Or, in the real world, it’s directly on the H2 bus line, less than half a mile to the 42 and the S buses, a little more than a mile to the Woodley Park Metro and a little bit longer than that to the Cleveland Park Metro.

    • Oh, and it’s also .7 of a mile from the Columbia Heights Metro.

      This is all per a Google pedometer map.

    • You’re right! I always forget about the H2.

      Nevertheless, for a basement to fetch this price, it would have to be a lot closer to a metro.

      • yeah – easy ride over to cleveland park. but no picking up the ladies to bring back to your /literal/ man cave.

  • Not a single photo of a window. I don’t know how large the hobbit community is but I’d say slightly overpriced.

  • Eh, it’s not terrible. I’ve been a basement dweller within a few blocks of this location for the past five years, initially in a one-bedroom basement ($1000) and now in a one-plus-den ($1800). My current place is a bit steep, but I love the location (and the lions)…no complaints. Depending on the condition of the apartment, I’d say that $1400 is worth it.

  • are they any windows in this dump? great place to live, if you’re a friggin’ vampire.

  • i pay a 1100$ on the same block for a one bedroom rental. 1400 is way too much for this place with no windows.

  • Damn – I’ve got to raise my rents!

  • I’ve never seen a fireplace in a basement apartment. I can’t imagine starting a fire in a place with no windows. The place looks seriously unappealing so I’m surprised to see others believing it will get takers at that rent. What are all these half-empty buildings I’m seeking along 14th Street getting?

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