TNT Laundromat Closing in Bloomingdale

“Dear PoP,

Had a chat with the owner of TNT Laundromat [104 Rhode Island Avenue NW by 1st St, NW] in Bloomingdale this morning. Sunday 1/30 was their last day open. According to her “The neighborhood is changing, and sometimes you have to move on. This is something we’ve been fighting for some time.” I’m not sure what’s going to replace TNT. But it’s going to be a lot harder for those folks without washer/dryers in their homes to do laundry.”

Anyone know of another laundromat nearby?

Ed. Note: Still no word on when Boundary Stone will open a few storefronts down.

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  • I have to agree a laundry is a good service to have but there are plenty of side street places that could host one. This could be an awesome opportunity for Bloomingdale with (Hopefully) Boundary Stone opening at the other end of this building, and may be some other great restaurant coming to this building, what an amazing positive change it will be for the Bdale hood!

  • I’ve always thought the old Sylvan Theater was a handsome building. Too bad the facade can’t be revived some…

  • With the number of houses being renovated in the area, most people are outfitting their homes with washers/dryers. I for one had to buy a new combo last spring. Anyways, it is a dying business in this neighborhood. While it may be a pain for those in the neighborhood that need washing services, I believe this is a positive change for the entire neighborhood and I looked forward to a new business that brings more much needed services to the community. It is a nice building as well.

  • @Bloomingdale/LDP Res

    In the long term, yes this is a positive development. But what about right now? So bloody self centered…

    • what about right now, tell me?

    • In the hierarchy of needs, a place to wash one’s clothes ranks higher than a “cool” place to get a drink or have a meal prepared by someone else. But it’s hard to make a judgment about any inequity here because it’s not clear why the laundromat is leaving. “The neighborhood is changing” could mean that an otherwise economically viable laundromat is being pushed out to make way for another business that will pay more rent. It could also mean that the laundromat is no longer economically viable becuase fewer people in the neighborhood are doing their laundry at laundromats.

      • it’s definitely not that someone will pay more rent – there are a half dozen empty storefronts on the block.

  • yes, even Wong Tong has been here.

  • I find laundrymats depressing, but even homeowners need to wash big bulky comforters sometimes, and they are great when you are coming back from a camping or beach trip and EVERYTHING is dirty. You can tell there’s a need, there are often immigrant families in there with a sack of weekly laundry. There’s a laundrymat on 11th and M right at the 64 bus stop, it’s a short walk from the Mount Vernon/Convention metro. There’s also a laundry way up New Hampshire Avenue near Gallatin St. Our old standby on 14th near S is gone, too. I remember walking up Columbia from my group house with a bag of clothes back in the 90s and was so ticked to find the laundrymat was gone!

  • Isn’t there a new laundromat going in at 1st & Seaton St NW. There is the corner I thought was renovating to become one.

    Again TNT always looked rundown from the outside. And as far as the Broken Windows Theory we are better without it. And yes I have a washer & dryer.. and yes that may be selfish.

  • How ironic – I tried to patronize TNT cleaners last Friday to clean a comforter, but neither change machine was working and no attendant was on duty. I guess your business isn’t economically viable if you don’t care enough to keep it up.

    I went down RI Ave to the laundromat at 11th Street.

    Good riddance TNT.

    • Pro tip: the attendant would never occupy the attendant stand. you had to knock on the door — they were holed up in a side room.

      Well, at least you know.

      I actually got suckered off Yelp into thinking this place did drop off/by the weight laundry. Wong Tong doesn’t really get down with doing his own stinky knickerbockers. Lo and behold, the Yelper was writing about some unrelated personal number that you call and a person basically babysits your clothes and the machine.

  • DAMNIT! I spent many a sunday in there, reading up on Elijah Farrakahn and watching telemundo. RIP TNT!

  • I vote Wong Tong opens a literary salon in that space.

  • How about the laundromat at 415 RIA NE? Or 14th & RIA NE? Or 11th & RIA NW?

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