Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Dupont

Since I’ve been featuring lots of details from Corcoran St, NW this week – I thought I might as well through up a rental option as well.

This one is located at 1729 Corcoran Street, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“This gorgeous 2 Bedroom town home with parking offers an affordable way to live in style in Dupont. The house was recently renovated and has a great interior design, wonderful natural light, wooden floors, and a beautiful new kitchen with granite countertops and spacious cabinets. The main level has a large dining area with a spacious living room and a fireplace. The kitchen has all new appliances (large refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave). There is also a nice back patio for entertaining guests, barbecuing, or for enjoying time outside. Corcoran is a beautiful and quiet street.

A 5 minute walk or less to the metro and Dupont Circle. One-quarter block from Safeway and 17th Street restaurants/bars, shops, and a number of gyms. Whole Foods is also nearby.

The upstairs level offers two spacious bedrooms and a nice washer/dryer. Master bedroom offers a huge wall bookcase and two closets. Both bedrooms approximately the same size with great closet space and have excellent light/views. There are closets throughout the house and a large storage area in the laundry room.

2 Bathrooms — Full bathroom with tub upstairs, and beautiful half bath downstairs near dining room with collector’s sink.

Bring checks if you are interested, this place will go quickly – $25 application fee. One month’s security deposit is required.

One parking space included with rent. Central air/heat. Security alarm system optional.

Pet-friendly, but will be an extra charge of $40/month for small to medium sized dogs, and $25/month for cats.”

Does this 2 bed with parking sound reasonable for $3575?

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  • probably gone before the first post.

  • I am amazed people will pay that.

    Personally I think it should be about $1,000 less.

    • I know. My partner and I are reluctant to take on a mortgage of that size, but at least then the money would be going towards something.

      • Come over to the East Side of Columbia Heights / Park View. There is lots of “family” moving this way for good reasons.

        Our mortgage is about $1,200 less and we have lots more than this house offers – except walking distance to Dupont.

        • Sorry, but we don’t like that area. We’re girls and don’t feel safe walking around there.

          • We have two ladies living next to us in their home for 12 years, two more three house down, and two more 6 houses up…

            On the same two blocks there are at least four male couples, maybe five – total of eight couples. Not bad for an area with a bright future.

            We don’t walk around here after dark – yet, but with time that will change.

          • Yeah, I guess it’s the whole not being able to comfortably walk around after dark thing that bothers us. We’re looking mostly on the Hill, which has some great deals, although I’m sure we’ll still end up paying more than you do.

          • I think East Columbia Heights is fine, but I agree with your post below that East Cap Hill has some great deals that can really give Columbia Heights/Petworth a run for their money.

    • What ^ said.

  • this house just sold for 942k in december. looks like the new owner is either renting the whole thing out or living in the basement. either way whoever rents this is now paying at or near the full mortgage. good deal for the new owner!

    • I don’t think that’s true. At 5% an 800k loan would translate to about $5k/month.

      • actually a 30 year 5% fix rate loan is about 4300 a month in principal and interest, and if the buyer had good credit he easily could have gotten a better rate than that (rates were at historic lows when he/she locked in). with the tax write off, etc., $3575 could easily come pretty close to paying this mortgage.

  • If it were me, I’d turn the large storage area/laundry room into a third bedroom and market it as a group house. Rent the large rooms out for $1250 apiece, and the converted laundry room for $800. Rent the parking space for $250/month. I think they’d get a lot more interest that way.

  • Only in DC would $3575 be advertised as “affordable.”

  • Considering the 2 bedrooms in some of the high-rises in the dupont area are around this price, I think it’s fair and will be rented out without much of a problem. Most would prefer living in a townhouse over an apartment. Not to mention that the parking is included.

  • Not a surprising price given that it’s a nice place and the three L’s – location, location, location. Also not surprising that there are people paying $3000 to rent high end apartments in some of the more trendy areas.
    Yeah, you can get a mortgage for less but not everybody wants or needs to be a homeowner. And I say that as a homeowner.
    To the “girls” who are focusing on the Hill because they don’t feel safe walking around Columbia Heights/Park View at night, you might want to check the ListServs (MPD and other) that focus on the Hill – It (or at least some parts of it) ain’t a whole lot “safer” than CH/Park View.

  • this is one of the coolest block in the city.

  • “If you can’t afford Dupont, that’s why god created Columbia Heights”

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