Thurs. Afternoon Rental Option – Columbia Heights

This rental is located at 2523 13th Street NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Building is conveniently located half-way between Columbia Heights and the U Street Corridor. Walk easily to plenty of shopping, dining, and nightlife options. Building Amenities include a laundry room, free wireless Internet, pre-wired Comcast cable, and garage parking spaces (for additional rent).”

$1200 sound reasonable for a (375 square foot?) studio here?

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  • Absolutely reasonable — if you do a lot of drugs, think it is 2007 and are willing to sexually appease your tenant as part of the deal.

    Other than that, no.

  • This place was/is a total dump. They repainted it recently and threw some drywall up in the lobby area, but don’t be fooled. Me thinks it must have been low income housing taken over by gangs at some point…although I haven’t see much of that lately.

  • This place is absolutely not a dump. In fact, the management company that is advertising it has been buying up most of the units in the building over the past couple of years. The units that they bought were completely gutted and have brand new hardwood, really nice kitchens with new full-sized appliances, and are over all very nice. They also allow pets, have new washers and dryers in the laundry room, free internet, and a bike storage room. The unit in question also has a walk-in closet. I’m not sure why this building is getting so much hate- I’m sure the units that are still owned by the tenants that were grandfathered in are not nice at all, but the others are actually really nice.

    I’m not sure why I just posted all of that… keep thinking that it’s crappy and the rents will stay low 🙂

    • So you think it is totally appropriate that based on the 1/3 of your take-home pay rule, someone should have to makeabout $72,000 a year in order to afford 375 square feet of an apartment with no washer/dryer in unit?

      Absolutely ridiculous.

      • It sure doesn’t take $75k. I’ve rented studios of the same size and price on a $50k salary, and other people I know on $30-$40k… because that’s what they go for.

        • Anonymous, I wasn’t disagreeing with you. Heck, I pay more than the recommended 40% for housing. I understand the reality of living in our city and would rather pay more for location, etc. and have to cut back in other areas of my life.

          (This is not to endorse this specific location, building, etc., as I don’t know much about the surrounding blocks or the building itself to really comment on that.)

      • Actually, it would be closer to $60,000. And, if you can live without a car (which I think would be entirely possibly in this situation), you can bump that 1/3 figure up to about 40%.

      • I make $71k, with 10% going towards a 401k. 1/3rd of my take-home pay is $2266.

        • Sorry, typo… $1133.

        • The 401K money should still be counted toward your take-home pay in the scenario wherein you would only be paying 1/3 of your take-home for rent. (I recognize that it can’t be put toward expenses, but financial advisors generally say a certain percent should be budgeted toward investments in the same scenario where 1/3 is budgeted toward housing.) So you’re basically saying the same thing as me.

  • Too much money. A friend lives in a 1 BR within five minutes walk of here (other side of 14th Street) that’s twice as big and has all brand new appliances (including its own washer and dryer), and only pays 200 more.

  • It’s really hard to tell without seeing interior pictures, but I find it hard to believe anyone would be willing to pay quite that much for 375 sq ft. For that size and price you would need to be closer to a Metro station or to downtown. The fact that they allow pets in a 375 sq ft studio is troubling – no animal other than a fish should be confined to that small of a space.

  • seems a bit high for such a small place. but someone will undoubtedly pay it. s/he will really, really love that location, and the place is probably tricked out with snazzy new appliances. location is super-accessible to U Street, excellent for stumbling home. it’s even on a very reasonable block, although very close to more sketchy blocks. it’s certainly not for me. but hey, i own a house 6 times that size on one of those more sketchy blocks. shame i wouldn’t be able to get 6 times the rent.

  • Good heavens I hope not. That’s. Terrible. I think.

  • Well the posting has already been taken down, so that says something. I’m not sure what, though.

  • That seems really high to me, but the last time I rented in that neighborhood 7 years ago, it was a LOT different around there, and you could find really nice studio apartments all day long for around $750/month.

  • Hey – I live next door to that place. Seems a little high priced to me. But there is one of the nicest guys ever who lives there – he is always out sweeping / watering the lawn – and always says hi to everyone. But there is for sure no gangs or anything sketchy in the building, just some older black folks, a couple of Latino families, and 2 or 3 younger white guys/gals. Sorry for the ethnic breakdown – I know it is pretty racist – but I know it would be important for me to know when looking for a place to rent (I would actually only care about lots of ‘gang aged’ kids in the building).

    • No worries, there is absolutely nothing racist about describing the ethnic backgrounds of the residents of an apartment building. Political correctness has gone way too far.

  • Wasn’t this building featured in an episode of House Hunters?

  • too much for too little in a crappy place

  • I rented an 800 sf 1 bedroom around the corner for $1200. Granted our building was inhabited by rats, roaches and thugs who would break into our mail, but hey, it was 800 square feet.

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