The New York Times Loves DC’s Strips

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I figured most had seen these articles about these two features from the New York Times but since I keep getting emails (thanks to all who sent them) here they are in case you missed them. It’s cool to see others recognizing the great gains in our neighborhoods. I thought it was especially good timing on the Columbia Heights one…

In Washington, D.C., Columbia Heights’ Hip Strip

and Barracks Row represents as well:

In Washington, a Historic Retail Strip Is Revived

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  • New York has a better Columbia Heights (I keed).

  • I live on 13th St, and all those business along 11th St seem *really great* if you leave nearby, but not so great that you would visit them from three neighborhoods away. Which is, to my thinking, the “Goldilocks zone” of local businesses.

    So although I’m super proud of the neighborhood, it seemed odd to me that the Times put its hyper-specific 11th St writeup in the “Travel” section. I thought, what combination of subscriber ennui and saturation coverage has finally brought them to us?

    • these are exactly the sort of places i try to find and visit when i am in other cities.

    • Goldilocks was a thief and a home invader – (and a prissy little spoiled brat) I say let’s keep her out of the neighborhood!

  • This is the first I’m hearing about the Blue Castle redevelopment, and I’m absolutely ecstatic. It’s true that while 8th Street has exploded in recent years, the ugly freeway has strangled development south of I Street. I work down at M Street, along with the thousands of Navy Yard and DoT employees, and it’s really not an inviting place to walk around. Having a retail center (plus that beer garden that’s supposed to come soon) would really perk up that area and make it more attractive for pedestrians. I’ve admired the Blue Castle for years and think it would be an awesome place to shop or grab a cup of coffee.

  • Well, the Blue Castle has been around since the late 1800s. With the increasing development pressures along the Capitol Riverfront district, there is once again a new interest in the Blue Castle. The 100,000 sq. ft. building would be ideal for retail stores such as a Barnes & Noble bookstore or a Whole Foods grocery. Since the building is designated as a historical property, it will take some creative ideals to make something interesting happen, but that will come in time.

  • Ha! That’s my girlfriend, Andria, in the Meridian Pint…whick I would like to point out that I was sharing the table tap with her when Brendan asked to take our photo. I guess I wasn’t photogenic enough 🙁

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