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  • Such a fan of his, I might have to buy tickets anyway!

  • I want to go because I’ve been looking wistfully out of rainy car windows to his compositions ever since Amelie came out.

  • The Amelie soundtrack is one of my top 5 favorite albums of all time. It got me through some tough times a few years back. I learned how to play the piano specifically to be able to play Comtine D’un Autre Ete: L’apres Midi, which I think is one of the most beautiful piano songs ever written. I’m not trying to sound over the top here. I really appreciate his music, even beyond Amelie, and I will probably buy tickets regardless, but I thought I would put my 2 cents in. Good luck and congratulations to whoever is chosen.

  • I want to go because I have never heard of him. I need to be exposed to something new. That’s how lame I am.

  • Parce que la musique d’Amelie est magnifique!

  • Yes, please! Sounds great!

  • I am of Danish descent, he looks like family, his name has the “ielsen” thing going for it, I like to see that the family look has homes beyond Denmark’s borders, and I bet I could maybe get him to stick around for a jam up in Petworth after the show, if only I had a piano or two.

  • Because he’s more than just Amelie. he was amazing at the embassy a few years back.

  • So I can take my (French) wife as a belated V-day date 😉

  • I don’t really deserve these tickets at all… there is nothing I have done that is more extraordinary than most anyone here. I teach. I live in a studio. I am divorced. I am 36. I wish I had kids. If I go to this show I might dance, or forget about myself, or meet a man who wants kids.

  • Not sure about Yann, but I do like Alfa Romeo’s.

  • You should take me because we could then have a nice conversation about the joys and difficulties of living in Washington DC.

  • I YANNt you TIERSENd me an email telling me I won, please.

  • After the Amelie soundtrack came out, I would walk around campus (UW-Madison) all day listening to the soundtrack on repeat and pretend I was Amelie. And I still do it on a nice spring day. I would love to find new music by him to completely dominate my ipod.

  • I want to go because his music is cool, and as a tangible sign that I thought the Freedom Fry movement was uncool.

  • I’d love to see Yann Tiersen play 9:30 because I’m new to the arts scene in DC, and new to downtown, and I would just love, love, love to see my fav French artist play a venue three blocks from my brand new apartment 🙂

    And I’d love Yann to be my intro to DC’s incredible local music scene!

  • he’s a big reason why i decided to buy an accordion. its way harder to learn than i thought.

  • Sometimes someone can make music that just gets YOU. Somehow Yann Tierson just captures feelings inside me I didn’t even know. He was my introduction to many kinds of more classical music and seeing him in concert would bring my education full circle! Please pick me!

  • Bear

    When I first moved to DC in 2002 I didn’t know anyone, had a hard time finding a job, and was desperately lonely. My parents sent me Amelie (on VHS), and I watched it all the time. Something about the movie made me feel like it was okay to be something of a misfit, and the music in the movie played a big part in that. The soundtrack still takes me back to those days, and it makes me grateful for the life I’ve built for myself here. And that’s why I’d really love to go.

  • I’d like to go because I moved here a few months ago and have yet to see a show at the 9:30 club. I hear it’s amazing and this would be a great reason to check it out.

  • I will travel Till The End down the Dust Lane if I am on the guest list for Yann Tiersen at the 9:30 Club.

  • SouthwestDC

    This is my first time “competing” in one of these contests to win 9:30 Club tickets. The previous shows didn’t really interest me, but this one does and I was considering going to it anyway. So pick me!

  • Attending the Yann Tiersen concert would probably constitute the most revealing blind date of my entire life.

    I never understood Lacan until I started hearing about Yann Tiersen. Why? Because every person I know who knows and cares about music tells me that when they listen to him they think of me and how much I would like him. So just like Lacan tells us in his convoluted prose, sometimes people’s perceptions of us gain more currency than our own perceptions of ourselves. Kind of like getting set up on a blind date to find that you have nothing in common with the other person but, in the process, learn infinitely more about who your friends think you are.

    So I’ve tried listening to Yann Tiersen, even though I hated “Amelie.” I get what’s going on in his music, and I find it generally pleasing. But I’m burning with curiosity to see him in person and figure out precisely what it is about him and his music that makes so many people think that we’re made for each other. So please, Prince of Petworth, on the eve of Valentine’s Day, for heaven’s sake, please give me the chance to meet THE MUSICIAN WHO WAS MADE FOR ME. I’m dying to begin the rest of my life.

  • Why? As the comments suggest, the crowd there will be almost as eclectic and electric as the music. Also, I will pay it forward. I’ll give the first ticket to my date, and I’ll buy my own. Then, I’ll give the second ticket to someone outside who’s trying to buy a ticket at the box office (not sure if they’re sold out).

  • I represent a needy accordian player. She lost everything after Tiersen stole her magnum opus and made his fame using her work. Please give me the chance to give her the chance to exact her revenge. Accoridan players aren’t violent… unless provoked. Come on, let’s make this accordian duel a reality. Him on stage and her out in the crowd, trading bars of eight ’till one of them colapses. let’s make this dream a reality.

  • Did you guys know that Jean Pierre Jeunet came up with the idea to write Amelie while driving around Paris listening to Tiersen on the cd player? It is so cool because literally the idea for the movie spawned from Tiersen’s music… seems like that never happens. Love the movie, love the music even more!

  • I began to love Yann Tiersen’s music with the Amelie soundtrack, as many others did. La Dispute is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard. It conveys so many different emotions in such a quiet way. It brings tears to my eyes almost every single time I hear it simply because it’s so beautiful. I love this song so much that I’m planning on walking down the aisle to a portion of it during my wedding next year.

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