The 5pm Post – “TONIGHT! NWCHCA Community Public Forum – 6:30 PM – Serving Hot Cider!”

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From an email:

“No matter where you live in DC, Tuesday’s Community Public Forum on Criminal Justice will be interesting and informative. Participation from the US Attorney’s Office, along with several community leaders. We will discuss theft-from-auto, perhaps the most prevalent crime in DC, and a specific case of a belligerent, mentally ill, drug-addicted squatter who terrorized a Columbia Heights neighborhood for months before the matter was resolved due to pressure from the community.

Let’s keep the conversation going! Come talk about solving chronic public safety problems in our neighborhoods. The panelists will speak briefly, then we’ll have small-group discussions where we can all have our say and raise our issues. Please come, and bring your neighbors. Hot apple cider and our usual cookies, chips, hummus, veggies, cheese, crackers, etc. will be served.


Date: February 15, 2011
Time: 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Location: St Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church, 1525 Newton Street NW, Upstairs Auditorium

Featured Guests:
Columbia Heights: Block Captains and Neighbors from Newton Street Josue Salmeron, Tania Hutchinson and Tom Cochran
U Street: Public Safety Leaders Brian Card and Sushupta Sudarshan
Trinidad: Kathy Henderson, Ward 5 Court Watch Leader
Ex-Offender Re-entry: Courtney Stewart, Mentoring Works2 and the Reentry Network for Ex-Offenders
US Attorney’s Office: Prosecutors Stephen Prest and Shana Fulton”

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  • I’m totally naming my next band, “belligerent, mentally ill, drug-addicted squatter”

  • ah! i’m saddened that my first reaction was “who gets out of work by 6:30?” would love to go, won’t be able to make it. perhaps largely because i’m reading and commenting here.

  • I live in the neighborhood this group serves, and I gotta say — what a downer they are. Sure, there’s stuff that needs to be cleaned up, but that’s all they ever focus on — crime, crime, and more crime.

  • Given the amount of petty bickering I’ve been harassed with recently via the NWCHCA listserv, you’d have to offer me something much stronger than hot cider.

  • was it dickens brand cider? nothing better than a hot dickens cider.

  • Hmm. My car has been stolen twice in 6 months. There could be a problem in my neighborhood. And, yes, I have since purchased a club.

  • Kathy Henderson doesn’t live in Trinidad, though, she lives in Carver Langston. She makes that clear as often as possible on the Ward 5 listservs.

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