The 5pm Post – DC Walk for Choice 2011 Sat.

Photo by PoPville flickr user pablo.raw

From many emails and Facebook:

All routes will be released on Friday at noon!

***Wear ORANGE on Feb. 26th & make your profile photos orange, too!***

Reproductive rights are under attack. Anyone who is interested in protecting access to abortion services and reproductive rights may attend. This is a grassroots effort at having our voices heard and standing up against injustice in a peaceful manner.


You can read their full full press release here.

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  • So, are we marching for a mans right to end an unwanted pregnancy?

    • Yes, but only the ones that we actually carry. Wanna be the first XY person to birth a child? Someday, science will make that a reality.

      I will say that this will not be me. I like my manly freedoms too much. I draw the line at baby carrier.

  • Thanks for highlighting this, PoP!

  • Men aren’t allowed to have an opinion about abortion since they don’t get pregnant.

    Unless they are “pro-choice” – then they can have any opinion about it they like!

    • bfinpetworth

      Why should a man have a say in what a woman does with her body? Ridiculous! Men enjoy many advantages in this world and SOME men just cannot stand the fact that their privilege doesn’t extend to controling a woman’s choice to have a baby or not.

  • OK dudes,

    If you are 19 years old, the condom breaks and you just moved to another country to live with your partner and neither of you have any money, or want to raise a child, then you are allowed to decide what to do. OK? Oh – AND the kid’s inside YOU! Do you think I should have had to carry that child because some loser that dumped me 2 years later wanted that? That’s what happened to me almost 30 years ago, and not one day has gone by where I regret it.

    • me

      So… you DID keep the child? And not a day goes by that you don’t regret having it? Or you didn’t have it? Your post is full of personal tidbits yet awfully vague at the same time.

  • Thanks for posting, PoP! Looking forward to knowing the routes!

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