Revisiting Mt. Pleasant’s Awesome Fire Box Sculptures

I don’t care how many times I’ve stopped to look at these, I never stop being amazed. On the back it said the population of Mt. Pleasant was 12,000. For some reason I always thought it was bigger than that.

But back to the sculpture: Anyone happen to know how much it cost to fund this project?

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  • Last winter, someone knitted all the little people teeny-tiny scarves, hats, and shawls. It was awesome!

  • That was cool. Someone defaced the one at Mt. Pleasant and Hobart with some white paint or something. Could have been an accident, I don’t know. I would clean it but I don’t know what to use. Any ideas, Goof-Off?

  • It’s been a long time since the original call for proposals went out, but I think the folks who were selected got a grant of $500 per call box. Someone from the DC Commission on Arts and Humanities should know for sure.

    • saf

      You’re correct – it was a grant from DCCAH that required neighborhoods to match the funds. The original total was $250 from DCCAH and the neighborhood folks had to raise at least another $250.

      In practice, it took more than $500 per callbox, so they had to raise more.

      That grant amount did rise later in the program.

  • Indeed, Kathy Smith and myself created this project in the late 1990s, with the aim of each neighborhood claiming their own project and uniqueness. Just in time, too, as DDOT had a $500k bid out to remove all 1,500 remaining boxes in the city. They had to blend art and history, and Mt Pleasant is my favorites: just after Sheridan Kalorama. The sculptures were done by artist Michael Ross.

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