(Re)Judging Restaurants – Policy

From time to time I’ll post a restaurant/bar that we’ve already looked when I hear conflicting/changing opinions.

Policy is located at 1904 14th St, NW. Their Web site says:

Policy is taking center stage in D.C.’s hottest and vibrant U Street neighborhood; emerging as one of the most highly anticipated restaurants to hit the area. The “upscale diner motif” like downstairs, Love Dining Room and the airy second floor, the Liberty Lounge, this space offers the sentiment of being free and savvy. Decorated with brilliant chandeliers and art work by Andrew Funk and Drew Nussbaum, Policy offers two levels of charm and class in a hip and inviting environment.

Redefined with an explosion of broiled, marinated and sautéed perspectives. “All plates are meant to be shared. We feature dishes inspired by Global Cuisine” said by Executive Chef Brian Murphy. Chef Murphy and his kitchen are introducing cutting edge American cuisine to this hip and unique restaurant.

You can see their menu here. Any must order items? Any fans of the restaurant? The lounge?

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  • I love this place. Always a good experience, but a little pricey (although not too pricey compared to other things in this neighborhood).

  • i went there a few days after it opened and it was FABULOUS! Unfortunately i haven’t made it back, but occasionally as I pass by them I get a jonesing for a cauliflower dish I had there.

  • This is one of our favorite spots in the city. The food is wonderful, nothing to skip on the menu and the staff/management is even better. The atmosphere is unique and inviting, LOVE IT! They also have great wine specials during the week, 1/2 price bottles…YUM

  • I’ve gone their quite a few time since it’s opened. Always phenomonal food! The service has gotten much better too. Service was pretty bad when it first opened, but I’ve had much better experiences in the past several times I’ve been there.

  • I’ve heard the food makes it a better restaurant than bar- and honestly I figured it would be a club that happened to serve food, but I was wrong.

  • That self-description is reason alone never to dine there.

  • A great restaurant in general… very good food. However the best part is that Policy is one of if not the most underrated happy hour spots in DC. Substantial and very tasty food for $4. Great mixed drinks and a solid beer/wine selection for $5. All night at the bar on Mondays, Tuesday-Friday 5-8 and even a Saturday (5-7) option. I’ve been known to love the happy hour and I’m not sure I’ve found a better one yet.

  • Superb brussel sprouts. and because I put the effort into commenting on them, you can be sure they are.

  • I never think to go there (I live about 100 paces away) but every time I go, I like it. The whorehouse decor is a turnoff (as is the loud music) but the food is really good and there’s never a wait. A better value than Masa14, another decent small plates place a block away.

    • ha– whorehouse is a good description. very red light district inside. We took another couple there when it first opened and were shocked at the decor. Fortunately the food was excellent as was the price. I’ve been back a few times but have tempered my expectations of the atmosphere.

  • Yeah, I was totally turned off by the decor and the “clubby” vibe when it first opened, so I never actually ate there. Until I met some friends there last week. And the food was really quite good. And a good beer selection, which I also wouldn’t have guessed based on the way the place presents itself. Still not quite sure what it is going for.

  • I haven’t gone because I can’t make it past the pretentious vibe of the words on the windows and the website description.

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