Red Derby – Pool Table Out, Big Buck Hunter & Golden Tee In

This past weekend, I was introduced to a few more changes at the Red Derby, located at 3718 14th St, NW (at Quincy). In the backroom the pool table has been removed and Big Buck Hunter and Golden Tee video games have been added along with more lounge like seating. Do you prefer the video games and more seating or the pool table? The dart board remains!

A couple more shots after the jump including an artistic series titled “life cycle of a mimosa

life cycle of a mimosa

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  • I will miss skooling hipsters on the pool table…

  • The dart board remains, but where are the darts? I’m considering donating some.

  • Bummed the table is out – was one for the few quarter-operated tables in decent shape in the area…that said I totally understand why they would want to free up the floor space in the back to accommodate more customers…

  • That section has now been designated an official bro-icing area.

  • Another shameless plug for one of your advertisers. And I’ll bet it’s a non-union bar. Shame on you, Dan!

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Hahaha, Sadly they are not advertisers!

    • I’m not sure that it is a positive for them, those pictures make it look like the nastiest bar in DC (no offense to PoP’s photography skills, I doubt there’s much you could do to improve its look)… I have never been there, now I probably never will.

      • Your post makes you sound like a total ninny. I have never met you, now I hope I never will.

      • Yikes – if a bar’s “nasty-factor” is a serious concern for you, I’d be surprised if you make it east of Rock Creek Park very often anyway.

        Hell, most people who complain about the Derby bitch that it isn’t nasty enough – i.e. not enough grime build up for true dive bar cred.

        And for the record, Dan’s Cafe probably holds the title of nastiest bar in DC…The Raven has done too much cleaning/repainting in the past couple years to retain the title. The Derby is not even a competitor.

      • It is the nastiest bar in filled-to-the-gills-with-douchey-bars DC, which is what makes is great.

    • (serious question)
      Can you identify any bars with unionized staff that are not located inside a hotel?

      I have never heard of such a thing existing in the US!

      • tavern on the green in NYC was unionized until it closed down. donald trump is trying to reopen it.

        • one note is that tavern on the green was also a restaurant / event space, but not a hotel.

        • interesting factoid – thanks

          It’s even more surprising to me since it was in NYC, where I think of as the birthplace of the cash-only, no paperwork, no income reported bar jobs!

  • For the record, I live in Truxton circle.

    I like a good dive bar as much as the next guy, but that back wall is just hard to look at.

    This is a stupid conversation, I’ve never even been to this place, it might be great. My point was that having pictures of a place like that isn’t necessarily good advertising for them.

    Some of you are so touchy

  • Your trolling is weak. If you must troll, at least put an honest effort into it.

  • they didn’t ditch the pool table just for the extra space. there had been a roof leak right above the table, so it took on a lot of water damage.

    it’s a damn shame, for i am awesome at pool. i’m awesome at buck hunter too, but it costs more to put on a clinic.

  • looks like space for impromptu dance parties! my fav.

  • Owner told us slate was cracked and it was a money pit from day one..Nastiest bar? Guess they should all look like out of the box sports bars with fresh Guinness posters and a dozen flat screens…No need for you to venture across key bridge anyways..

  • These owners were smart. Got a low rent space (not sure if they own) and put very little into it (roof deck notwithstanding). Only take cash, only cans of beer (not sure if this is still true, it has been a while since I have been there). And the hipster’s love it. This is the way to run a place – all profit.

  • Damn! The last time I was there was a month or two after they opened, and I don’t recognize the place!

  • I totally agree TG keep it simple and that’s what they do..Thank god for cheap simple bars…

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