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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

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  • Rant: Kwame Brown’s vanity

    • me

      That just confuses the hell out of me. DC is so short on cash, yet he decides he doesn’t want a tan interior for the resale value? It’s a lease. You give it back at the end. There IS no resale. And if you read the email trail, it’s a million dollar contract that somehow got approved. No wonder we have such issues with the DC budget!!!!!!!

    • If someone wants to research recall laws, I’ll make the cookies for the meeting.

  • Rant: Mice. Baby mouse ran within 3 inches of my foot this morning. No choice, but I don’t want to kill them…

    • Trust me, the cuteness will wear off really quickly, if you don’t.

    • We use a kind of trap that has a sort of tube which tilts when the mouse goes in and holds him in there until you let him out. Less gross than dealing with squished mice, and still very effective – just put the mouse in a bucket or shoe box and take it to the park. We got the traps at home depot.

      • Got that trap… it’s been sitting in the corner with its peanut butter lure for a month. The mice sit on it while eating my cat’s food. She’s equally useful with dispatching them.

  • Rave: This little kid pictured in the Caps hat

  • like anonomi said K Brown’s vanity. I am a DC govt employee and have 4 furlough days assigned; and here I read that he is having DC govt lease not 1 but 2 over priced cars. What the hell is wrong with him?!

    I fear that with the Gray administration we have just reverted back to the good ol Barry days when everything was a “go”. hire family…sure yeah, hire friends…sure yeah, spend money on stupid stuff like cars…sure yeah!!!

  • Rave: Memories of the warm Friday backyard beer bbq.

    Rave: Got my kid’s playground set that I bought off Craigslist finally up on Saturday.

    Rave: Lots of free firewood from my neighbor who just brought down his huge old dead oak tree.

  • Rant: Voters of DC should’ve known better than to vote for someone named Kwame, after seeing how that worked out for Detroit. I’m convinced that most people thought he was the former Washington Wizard.

    • You mean Kwame the former Wash. Wizard who did not work out, as well?

      • Exactly. It wouldn’t be DC if people weren’t electing someone who “did not work out.”

      • Or the hip hop artist kwame with his polka dots. The original–Kwame Nkrumah–is rolling over in his grave, doubtless. Name someone cool after me, please…

        • “Well I came here for something funky to happen
          Is this Christmas cuz everybody’s rappin…”

          ‘The Rhythm, Kwame

          No swearing / No gunplay. ‘I used to love her’…sigh

  • Rave: Nice bike ride on Sunday (in shorts!) followed by dinner with two great friends.
    Rave: Snow this morning.
    Rant: I wasn’t forward thinking and connected enough to create a vehicle leasing company and completely overcharge the District.

  • Rant: Kwame’s sweet, sweet Lincoln Navigator paid for (twice) by DC voters


    Rant: DC Government officials who didn’t question this

  • Rave: Nice date yesterday and she wants to see me again this week.

    Rant: The woman I’m really interested in lives in Denver.

  • Rave: New yoga pants I purchased yesterday.

    Rant: No more holidays off until Memorial Day weekend..

    • Eh, I don’t have a holiday off from New Year’s to Memorial Day. You government employees don’t realize how good you have it.

  • Rave: Had a great weekend up in Pittsburgh and found myself thinking PoP would go nuts with all of the architectural details up there; even I noted a few sweet transoms.

    Rant: Was really hoping we’d at least get a 2-hour delay after hearing freezing rain pelt my window for hours last night.

  • Rant – People who voted for Kwame Brown after the Post article showed he could not adequately manage his PERSONAL finances. I did not like it but after reading the Post article I had to vote for Orange.
    Rant – I know I am late on this…neighbors who have a problem with Big Bear Café. I went for the first time. I did not like their coffee I thought their breakfast bagel was overpriced but hell the spot is charming and there could not a more laid back crowd. Even w/ a liquor license it has a capacity of like 40 – 50 people max. Who would not welcome this place?

    Now that NY Times has covered Barracks / Columbia Heights will they become overrun w/ tourists?

    • I think that Barracks Row already gets a fair amount of tourists. Columbia Heights, on the other hand, is still rough enough around the edges that the family of four from Kansas is going to have no use for it.

      • I live and work a couple blocks from Barracks Row and disagree– it’s too far from the tourist attractions to attract that many visitors. Or if it does, they’re certainly not the obvious-looking tourists.

      • I have at least 80 “families of four from Kansas” who have rented my CH vacation apt. over the past 5 years who would disagree with you.

  • Rant: The timing of the traffic lights in DC. It’s effing ridiculous how badly out of synch the lights are especially on major arteries such as 16th Street, CT Ave, etc. WTF!!!!

    Rant: That f face Kwame Brown.

    Rant: Honestly how accurate are the meteorologists in this area?

    Rant: I seriously hate this old hag I work with. If she got hit by I bus, I would look the other way.

    God damn I am angry. I need a drink.

    Rave: Spring Training has begun.

  • Rant: Kwame, Mayor Count Chocula and his round numbers and pay raises whilst the city workers who help me keep the block clean & safe, check on kids & elderly in home daycare spots, innoculate school kids, teach school kids, put out fires, prevent fires, inspect buildings, kill rats, fill potholes, plant trees are getting furloughed.
    Rant: School closings based on crust.
    Rave: Building legos with The Kid upstairs at the National Building Musuem yesterday.
    Rave: watching the tiny suburban princesses all crinoline’d out as they arrived at the Verizon Center for Disney on Ice: Princesses and realizing that the city was not full of black and brown versions of Disney villians/boogeymen/trolls out to eat them.

  • RANT: Has anyone seen Gerogia Avenue lately? Its got more crevasses than Edward James Olmos’es face! >:[

  • PoP, who ended up winning the Taj/Los Lobos tickets?

  • RANT: Dc alert text about three masked men on 1300 block of Euclid with a shotgun who committed a robbery at 10pm on Saturday night.
    I have not been able to find ANY follow up on this. Men walking around with ski masks and a shot gun at 10pm is crazy even by Columbia Heights standards. Does anyone know ANYTHING about this incident or whether there were arrests or if it was a targeted robbery?

    • I’m on the 3D listserv and their daily report on crime in the area was unusually high this weekend! Kind of scared me to be honest

  • rant: taking Metro & MetroBus yesterday took forever yesterday. I knew to be prepared for some delays but it would have been nice if it had at least been clear what schedule my bus was on (modified Saturday schedule? tell me what “modified” means! at least I didn’t get blown off by a bus like my friend whose bus went right by her without stopping) At least I finally made it to school with 20 min to finish studying for my exam – I hope I did well!

    • Hope you did well too! I’ve given up trying to take public transit to GMU– either it takes me three hours to get there or I’m stranded there after class because the last bus of the night never showed up.

  • saf

    Happy Birthday Edward Gorey!

  • Rant: Prince of Petworth is loading very slowly today! I’m experiencing this both at home and at work, so I don’t think it’s just me.

  • Rave: I was going to rant about something but that little kid’s face in the picture made me totally forget about it.

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