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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this weekend?

And of course – Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  • Rave: New girl I am dating very excited about the flowers I sent at her job. Now that she has fallen for that trick I can gently ease her into the my psychosis.

    Rant: I think she gave me strep throat. but all of those things you can test positive for I think strep is something I can live with. Also somebody broke into my building and stole shit out of peoples storage rooms.

  • me

    Rave: We had a pretty successful open house this past weekend, and I hope that something will come of it! Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Rave: Completely threw out my lower back whilst cleaning up for said open house. :-/

    Happy Valentine’s Day, all!

  • Whoever is holding that kindle with the LSAT study guide, just quit right now.

  • Rant: Spent way much more than I wanted to on car repairs this weekend.

    mini-Rave: The place where I had it serviced took $50 off the bill since I’ve been there before (even though it’s been a long time.)

    Rave: While waiting for my car, I had a nice conversation with a cute girl in the waiting room and found out we had a lot in common. I got her number. Guess I should call her soon because it’s been two days.

  • Rave: this weather!

    Rant: The tons of litter blowing around POP-Ville. Depressing.

  • Rave: my wonderful husband.
    Rave: this weather.
    Rant: my company’s tanking.

  • Rave: Truck driver told me Happy Valentines and told me I looked beautiful. I know I shouldn’t let it go to my head, but I’ll take it.

    Rant: People being unhappy with me if I can’t give them what they want. Makes me not want to hang with them.

  • Rant: out of boundary school applications deadline looming, and the more I read, the less I feel I know.
    Anyone got the skinny on the elementary schools of PoPville? I mean, I wouldn’t sneeze at Oyster-Adams, but would prefer to stay closer to home…

  • Rave: my house is coming together finally.

    Rant: you are not allowed to use public transportation during rush hour to move all your belongings.

  • Rant: People who made education and career choices in life to take on debt and not make money, who complain that other people don’t cater to their economic whims.

    Rave: My parents pushing me to work hard, learn continuously, and not make stupid economic choices.

    • I would like to see this changed. Thing is teachers be poor no one wants to make a committment to education and we wonder why the Chinese are beating us. We all can’t live the yuppiehell lifestyle though. Damn the man behind his back but keep his paycheck.

    • Yea no one should be a teacher here! Stuuuupid choice! Won’t be able to live here. It’s your own fault dummies. Everyone should be a lawyer!!

      All we need are scientists! Yes, I know there’s a huge revolution occurring in Egypt right now and perhaps some history or civics might help you understand, but no one should be a historian or work for a non-profit! You will get paid squat!

      And by the way, clean your own damn toilet, drop your own damn trash at the dump. We don’t need any other workers to help us clean up. If you can’t pay the rent, suck it.

      • Or if you’re going to be a teacher, don’t get your degree at some ridiculous, overpriced private school, because it will never mean a better job for you and you’ll be paying off those loans for the rest of your life.

      • the president of the non-profit I work for made over $800k/year. most employees don’t feel good about that, but even the underlings can get paid competitively if we want.

      • #1 Don’t take a position in a city with a salary that doesn’t provide the quality of life that you will accept. If you’re smart enough to get into college, you’re smart enough to figure this out. If you’re not smart enough to figure it out, you may not be smart enough to teach kids to begin with.

        Teachers should be paid more, but don’t be the 3-trillionth person to get a teaching degree, get a teaching position and then complain because the salary isn’t high enough.

        • I just think about people complaining…

          #1) Life happens,

          and #2) A lot of people complain justifiably. I feel a lot of solidarity with people who work hard and deserve more.

          You have a reasonalbe point, but also, things are really out of whack. Why did the salaries of CEOs get so incredibly high in the past 20 years? Why do minimum wage workers make so incredibly little? Why has the teacher salary not progressed with other professionals since the 60s but demands and expectations increased?

          I would like for people to complain and what I really want is for them to stand for what they deserve and then for fellow citizens to support them. So perhaps somebody has made some stupid decision you know, but perhaps they are really good at what they do or believe in it, and they are the perfect person for that job.

    • “People who made education and career choices in life to take on DEBT and not make money, who complain that other people don’t cater to their economic whims.”

      You hang out w/ a lot of JDs? 🙂 See Your Mom 12:19

      Kidding sorta, Really good luck to everyone out there about to take the Bar especially my brother.

    • Not a lawyer. I know everyone thinks it’s Lawyers vs. the Poor/the Unioned here, but there are others.

      We should pay teachers more, but not necessarily the teachers we have today

      I was actually referring to people who complain about this or that business showing up in their neighborhood like their opinion beyond what they spend $$, means squat.

  • kiki

    Rave: The Cupid’s Undie Run this weekend was a phenomenal event and raised over $50,000 for The Children’s Tumor Foundation!

    Rant: I bit it simply walking Vermont 16th and L and scraped the hell out of my arms.

  • Bear

    Rant: I dropped my camera a couple weeks ago and it seems to have done some damage.

    Rave: I get to buy a new one?

    Rant: No date for V-day 🙁

    Rave: Yann Tiersen tomorrow!

    • Bear

      Additional rave: Finalized plans for San Fran and Yosemite in April, and Glacier in August! Gotta figure out the camera situation before then.

  • Rant: It’s too damned sunny and hot! Naaaa 😉

    Rave: Spent nice sunday afternoon drinking beer on the back deck and watching the woodpeckers overhead.

  • Rant: my parents have a conflict preventing them from coming East for my wedding on the planned (late-summer) date

    Rant: unsure if my parents would come even if it were rescheduled (I’m worried they are uncomfortable attending a same-sex wedding)
    Not sure what to do.

    • I’m sorry, that must be very painful. And that’s got to be a heckuva conflict to keep them from attending their child’s wedding. Did they sound regretful in sending their regrets? Do you want them there? Might be worth asking them if they would come East if it were a different date (I know, changing a wedding date is not like rescheduling a meeting) or flat-out asking if they _want_ to be there. If they don’t, it’s their loss. Yours too, sadly. But a wedding is a celebration of your love and the loved ones in your life–the family and friends who will support your union. If they don’t support it, it’s better that they aren’t there.

      • I’ll just ask if they think they would come to a wedding at a later month, and if they sound wishy-washy/unsure, I’ll just go ahead with the current date. I’d like them there, but at the same time there are a lot of other people that mean a lot to us than could come, who I know wouldn’t be uncomfortable about it.

    • Tell them that you’re their son/daughter and that life has priorities: family being #1. If they don’t make their son/daughter’s happiness their #1 priority, then don’t expect the same consideration when their old and feeble.

      • + 100. Unless the conflict in question is treatment for a life-threatening disease, then there’s no conflict.

  • RANT: I have never had a proper Valentine’s Day. Sometimes I was single on February 14th and other times I was dating low-key boyfriends who decried it as a superficial, Hallmark holiday. Yes, I actually let them get away with that. No, I will never make that mistake again.

    RAVE: The weatha’.

  • Rave: celebrated my ex’s b-day this weekend without too much pain or drama.
    Rave: still glad she’s an ex.
    Rant: alone with the kids tonight.

  • Rave: Headed out to Pacific coast of Mexico tomorrow morning. Later, bitches!

    Rant: No V-day plans. But, who cares? I will find some hot beach bum in Mexico!

  • Rave: this Valentine’s Day makes 15 years together, 11+ years of marriage, and two fantastic little boys.

  • Rant: 23 cars parked in the bike lane on 15th st. on Sunday afternoon (between K and Mass). Can anything be done about this?

  • Rave: I met a really cute girl at the young republican convention after party on Saturday and we hit it off really well

    Rant: I might become a republican now..

  • Emmaleigh504

    Rave: Imelda
    Rant: I got out of bed this am.

  • Rave: The weather this week looks amazing! Can’t wait to go running in this weather.

    Rant: I haven’t ran in a very long time, worried about my poor lungs! 🙂

    • I rode my bike (indoors on a trainer) and ran on the treadmill at my gym last week. First exercise I’ve had in weeks. I’m sore as hell but feeling great. Can’t wait for it to be warm enough to bike outside again and I’m probably going to buy a road bike this year.

  • Same Rant/Rave as last week – Still struggling with leaving the city. Pretty new home & *schools* vs. City convenience and night life. Also will DC over the next 10+ years continue to trend up? Is investing in the district better move financially, more upside? I remember when Chelsea / Williamsburg were dumps now highly desirable and expensive. I know DC is NOT = to NYC (I am not trying to upset anyone) but the federal gov’t as an economic engine is making DC the place to be, like the financial industry in NYC. I have heard the expected budget cuts may increase DC demand because those competing for federal dollars will need a presence here to compete for a piece of a smaller pie. I have been in DC during some tougher times I would like to enjoy new development, SW, Ball Park, etc

    • Prince Of Petworth

      Where are you moving to?

      • Not moving for sure looking @ HoCo / Fulton, MD

        • http://www.maplelawnmd.com

          PoP Maple Lawn is a planned live / work community not really on average PoP reader’s radar since it is in HoCo. The models are beautiful, schools are new, diverse residents, very safe, walkable to “downtown” / business district with bars, restaurants but FAR from DC. I am sure people will call it artificial like National Harbor, though not touristy. I challenge you to visit and not like space and finishes on models (3000+ sq ft provides space for an aging parent one day which is a concern.) I have never lived in the suburbs so I am worried about going nuts. I have no one to get honest advice from, my in-laws want us in DC close by, brother wants me in Fulton near him, wife is mesmerized by the model, I like being near Ball Park & Verizon Center, DC friends warn me about the suburbs like it is full of lepers add to the mix no Metro – commuter bus to Silver Spring Metro stop and higher taxes.

          • Kind of sounds like Reston – which was started I think 30+ years ago. I have no idea what it is like today, but might be something to check out to see what your life might be like there.

            While the ex-urbs (which this seems to be more than suburbs) isn’t exactly full of lepers (probably an ordinance against them) it is a bleak and lonely place.

    • Depends on your timeline and the suburb. If you need good schools immediately, leave. Otherwise, I’m ‘long’ on DC after seeing it in the 80’s and 90’s and the coming costs of roads and gasoline. In 15 years, you’ll be wishing you lived in a city near or on transit.

  • Rant: Apparently it’s seventy degrees outside and I’m stuck inside at work!
    Rave: I will most likely be outside to at least get a little of the warmth in a few hours.
    Rave: I have an awesome boyfriend and think Valentine’s Day is going to go exactly how I want it – that is, instead of stressing about going out to a romantic dinner or getting each other gifts, we went in on a mutual purchase (for the bedroom ;)) that should (fingers crossed) arrive today.

  • Rant – A busted B flat key on the piano – I can see what’s wrong, tried to move the little spring back in place but can’t get it to stay. Anyone recommend a piano fixer?

    Raves – great Billy Goat trail hike yesterday and my god-daughter won the Washington Post KidsPost draw the lion cubs contest!

  • Rave: Weather (obviously) and discovered my bank cashes checks for free, so I no longer have to wait the few days for them to clear…

    Rant: This “holiday” reminds me that I will probably never have a Valentine’s day with someone OR have a life partner OR find happiness in this city.

    • I feel the same way as your rant and I bet most everyone else who’s single does too. My horoscopes says to go out tonight cause my valentine is out there. mm hmm, right, screw you stars! I’ll probably choke on my dinner I will eat alone.

  • Rave: GF and I made an offer on our dream house in DC, and it was accepted! Best Valentine’s gift ever. 🙂

    Rant: Planning a major move and a wedding shower while taking two graudate classes and working full-time is going to be stressful (and I still need to file my taxes, too).

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