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  • Curious to see how it turns out. Seems positive so far!

  • Fugly!!! This one is gonna kill the viewscape for 4 blocks, instead of the usual one, or two.

  • ugh. what assholes. I hope they are at least going to remove those hideous window bars and landscape the exterior.

  • The guy who owns this place and is flipping it works for Tommy Wells and I guarantee that is the ONLY reason this hideous pop-up was permitted.

  • @Dave, that is an uncalled-for attack on Tommy Wells. Like it (or not) the zoning in most rowhouse neighborhoods allows pop-ups as a matter of right. Anybody could get this approved.

  • what is the design review process for this pop-ups. Not against the pop-ups, so long as they are designed to complement the existing architecture. No more boxes wrapped in vinly siding…cheap and ugly. There’s a well designed example of a pop-up on the northside of new Orleans place NE, near 6th street.

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