PoP Burger Patrol: Go Burger No Longer Coming to 1317 Connecticut Ave, NW? To Share Casa Nonna Space

Last spring we learned that a Go Burger was supposed to be coming to 1317 Connecticut Ave, NW in Dupont Circle. In April a liquor license application was applied for and the entire front window was covered with a screen featuring repeating GO BURGER logos covering the whole window. And before that there was one big logo like this:

This past weekend I noticed that the screen has been removed (see the first photo above). And peeking in the window it looks like zero work has been completed.

So with Rogue States closing across the street – it looks like all hopes now rest on Shake Shack (which is progressing nicely) in the Fudruckers space a few blocks south. And of course BGR The Burger Joint is already open a few blocks north at 1514 Connecticut Ave, NW.

But wait, I’m now just seeing that they tweeted on Feb. 7th:

“There will be a small outpost of GO Burger sharing the Casa Nonna space. Hoping to open our doors late spring.”

Casa Nonna (same owners) is the newish Italian place located in the old California Pizza Kitchen at 1250 Connecticut Ave, NW.

Wild. Does a Go Burger outpost in the Casa Nonna space sound like a good idea?

UPDATE 505pm: turns out that the above tweet was referencing the Casa Nonna in NYC. I’ll be sure to update when more info becomes available, especially to see who moves into 1317 Connecticut Ave, NW.

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  • I can’t wait for the “Zebra Girl” coming to Tivoli

  • Maybe they should call it “No Burger.”

  • I don’t know, but from everything I hear, Casa Nonna wasn’t a very good idea.

  • its the old California Pizza Kitchen, not Italian Pizza Kitchen. And I do believe Cassa Nonna, a spinout from the BLT group, has the same owners as Go Burger, so the combo makes sense from a corporate ownership perspective. From a diner’s perspective? Eh….

  • Makes sense for the owners because Casa Nonna’s space is entirely too big and probably would fail without some additional lunch traffic.

  • casa nonna is a pretty good restaurant, though. everything I’ve had so far (pizza, salad, appetizers) has been delicious. I also like the atmosphere. I could see them wanting for lunch traffic, however.

  • I was there for lunch recently and it was crowded on a wednesday. Food was fantastic and service very friendly and knowledgeable. Would hate for Go Burger to confuse this concept.

  • Is it me or is Five Guys better than all these burger knock offs?

  • As I tweeted to PoP — that tweet was about a NYC location, not DC. But everything else with DC is accurate — they pulled all the signage off last week and they clearly haven’t done any work on the space.

  • Casa Nonna is delicious and the service is great. Plus, you can’t beat a place with gratis garlic bread!

  • Simply blah Italian food. Nice redo of a space but nothing that says Nonna. Plus we don’t need another burger place in DC…bring it but bring it real. Nothing says DC restaurant scene like originality!

  • DC “restaurant scene” and “originality”? Now there’s an oxymoron for ya! The scene in this town is all about cookie cutters and $$$$$…*yawn*

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