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  • Not many places you can go in DC without seeing people. California has scenic overlooks, and they focus on scenery. If you park in DC anywhere its never long before a cop shows up to tell you to move along. That’s one of the things I hate about this area…

    • Not that I’m in a rush to defend DC, but I wouldn’t qualify either of these photos as a ‘scenic overlook’. Also, you’re comparing DC, which is just a few miles square, with the entire state of California.

      A better comparison would be another mid-sized to large American city. On that scale DC wins out in terms of density of development and open green space, IMHO.

      And before all of you flame me:
      – no, I don’t have any data to back that up; and
      – yes, I’m sure you can think up a city roughly the size/population of DC that is less dense. Save it.

      • The less dense a city is the more reliant its residents are on personal vehicles. Personally, I’d rather trade in the scenery (save it for vacations) and live in a city where I don’t have to drive everywhere.

    • Those places exist here, they’re just a bit off the beaten path.

    • California also has a lot of hills and mountains and valleys. It’s harder to have scenic overlooks when they’re not really part of the natural landscape.

      Also not sure what the comment has to do with these two photos.

  • All about finding solitude… I like going out by the airport or Haynes point, but too many people with crying babies or noisy stereos are there on most days…

  • I wish it was quiet under the bridge. You don’t see the security guard screaming at me to get out.

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