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  • Am I the only one who thinks Metro should just install stairs and do away with esclators?

    I’m tired of people complaining about escalators. We all could use the exercise(!) and metro could then focus on keeping costs down and elevators running for those who truly cannot take the stairs.

    • I agree, except for the ridiculously long main station exits (rosslyn, woodley park, wheaton, dupont, etc) why not just get rid of escalators all together? Especially the silly short ones.

      Or at least get rid of all the short down ones and leave the up ones.

    • The escalators are important for the elderly and disabled. And telling people, “Just take the elevator” doesn’t solve the problem, since many multi-exit stations have an elevator only at one end (and how often are those working??). It makes no sense to tell a handicapped person to take the elevator when that forces them to walk longer to their ultimate destination once they reach street level.

      Try breaking a leg and using the Metro system without escalators for a few months. Then you’ll appreciate escalators a bit more.

  • The problem is they never keep the elevators running.

  • Speaking of frustration, nice graffiti shot. Just wondering, was Derrick = MOE?

  • lol – is the first pic of Farragut North on a weekend? I hereby nominate the escalators at the north exit of Union Station between the faregate level and Union Station entrance as currently the most frustrating (one side is out of service so up and down traffic have to share, including MARC/VRE/Amtrak passengers) – once it hits rush hour, I begin calling it “The Escalator of Doom”!

  • yes, escalator photo is from farragut. good catch!

  • What about that second picture? Does anyone know where that skate spot is?

    • Its under 395, just south of Garfield park where 2nd street and Virginia Ave meet up in South East. Very cool spot.

  • Everyone in this city knows who Moe is. In fact, everyone in skateboarding knows who Moe is. Unfortunately.

  • That picture makes metro actually look pretty nice.

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