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Photo of Housewarming Pâté en Croûte, special transom edition by PoPville flickr user theraspberryexpress

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Photo of Housewarming Pâté en Croûte, special transom edition by PoPville flickr user theraspberryexpress

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Photo by PoPville flickr user ekelly80

Photo by PoPville flickr user yostinator

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  • wow… recipy pls!!!

  • Pate en croute????
    —white people eat some weird a$$ shit

  • That is some nasty looking stuff!

    I am sure I feed the same thing to my cat this morning but it came out of a can, not that pretty little dough box.

  • My wife is in Ethiopia for work: people eat weird shit all over the world. Yum!

  • I’ve never tried so maybe i should retract my comment…
    but seriously from the foto, at best: Spam with nuts & crust; at worst: dog food with same nuts & crust.

    • saf

      No, no. Spam is nasty. This is (well, should be. I have not had this one.) good meat and good nuts and good crust and…


  • No wonder gout is making a comeback. LOL

  • It was my housewarming, it was delicious, and if you’ve never had a proper pâté en croûte calling it spam only serves to reveal the depths of your ignorance.

    • “…depths of your ignorance”?? a bit strong, no? or you just really sensitive? I bit writing that made you feel really smart.
      i described what it looked like not tasted like. go get a can of dog food and your pate…i’m sure they will LOOK the same.

      • You “bit” correct. Writing it did make me feel smart. Now that you’ve insulted a good friend’s housewarming gift, why not go back to enjoying your bowl of ALPO?

    • well, I’m going to have to reveal the depths of my ignorance too…what is pate de croute? is it french? it’s looks sorta german. is it sausage wrapped in pastry?
      I have to be honest it does look unappetizing in the center. The top is ABSOLUTLEY gorgeous…but when I saw the, uh, vivasection I made the same face my cat makes when she has a hairball.

  • The pâté en croûte looks amazing! Well done. You obviously put some time and passion into that.

  • That pate is gorgeous, and looks delicious.

  • we should do a weird foods of the world event.

  • It says that pork tongue & heart were in that highbrow meatloaf. Chances are beef cheek, tongue, heart, neck, flap, clod, jaw, maw and other intimidating cuts are in the industrial/commercial burgers you are eating on H street. Better to be food savvy than food ignorant, but not too educated cause then you become elitist.

  • This is the Most Beautiful Pate/Croute I’ve ever seen, Masterpiece ! Hope you show off more.

    Do you do artful open face as well?

    Look out Fauchon !!

  • If anyone with more than a cursory knowledge of rudimentary food would have put “pate en croute” into the Google toolbar with the appropriate diacritics (accents, for the laypeople) they would discover that the aforementioned meatloaf is little more than a refined “pig in a blanket”; pork products in a pastry crust. And if you have ever eaten a hotdog, hamburger or both –with ketchup- you’d realize that such products are basically pet food tailored for the human palate. Or research the amount of fruit flies and insects/insect fecal matter allowed by the FDA in ketchup or dried spices. White people are only dumber than what they don’t know what is on their plate.

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