Only in DC?

Saw this on some plywood in front of a building being renovated on K St, NW. With out choosing sides – I’m wondering folks in other cities have political street art like this?

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  • I love the collage element! Proud to be DC!

  • Do folks in other cities have political street art? yes. definitely. a lot more than dc.

  • I’m sure that whoever did this isn’t even old enough to remember Reagan. My tea-party brother hates teddy bears, because, for some arch-libertarian reason, he hates Teddy Roosevelt.

    Stick to something you know, I say. Aren’t there contemporary villains worth slandering?

    • It isn’t slander if it’s true.

      • And the armchair lawyers arrive!

        • Actually, a practicing attorney without an armchair. But if you’d like to donate one, there’s a sweet one at Mitchell Gold I’ve had an eye on.

          • Oooh! A “practicing” attorney in DC?!? Gee, color me underwhelmed. “Practicing” carrying a partner’s case and sneaking on blogs to make predicable scribbles when one should be doing those depo summaries.

            Whose getting billed for this one?

  • Didn’t the Obama “SOCIALISM” posters pop up on the left coast?

  • As someone old enough to remember Reagan he looks a zillion times better today after the last two presidents we’ve had. For one thing he wouldn’t be sitting on his hands as Libya burns. The current president isn’t so much a socialist as he is a weak man with no convictions.

    • You’re right about that, brother. Reagan would be getting hundreds of Marines killed, then slinking off in defeat, then in deep negotiations with middle eastern terrorists. Then maybe we could invade Belize, just to show the world we’re not to be trifled with.

      I don’t think there’s anything more pathetic than Reagan worship in the 21st century. It’s like worshipping Grover Cleveland, or something.

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