New Pizza Spot, Shoe Repair Coming to 700 block of T St, NW

I noticed some movement on the 700 block of T St, NW:

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Speaking with some neighbors it turns out that a new pizza place is coming to 717 T St, NW (pictured above). It’s not clear yet if it’ll be a proper sit down or a takeout space but I’m always happy to hear about new pizza options either way.

And on the same block, Divine Shine, has recently opened up at 723 T St, NW. I occasionally get questions about shoe repair – so this looks like a good option. They also do handbag restoration. They are open Mon.-Fri. 8am-6pm and Sat. 9am-5pm.

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  • “Pizza spot” can mean a lot of thigns. I would love it if it ends up being a true pizza parlor with seating options. If it ends up being a pizza/fried chicken/chinese/sandwich shop, that will still be better than a vacant spot, but nothing that would get me overly excited. Keeping my fingers crossed…

  • In that area, I wonder if it will have bulletproof glass with a small slot through which pizza slices will fit.

    • spend much time there?

      • I’m not the anon above, but I’ve spent a LOT of time on that block over the past three years. I’ve seen at least three major street level drug dealer busts with a lot of dudes laid out on the sidewalk in cuffs. Speaking with some older MPD patrol guys, the corner of 7th & T has been a big-time dealing spot for many years.

        • And yet some people are either in denial, or somehow believe they’re increasing the value of their nearby property by pretending that this part of Shaw is just like Mayberry.

          • do you believe property values are declining there?

          • Property values certainly aren’t declining anywhere in the District, but pretending that the neighborhood is nicer than it is in reality does not help.

          • Do you really think that that is what people are doing? One person just asked if someone else had spent much time on the intersection. I walk by there all the time and I know that it is one of the shadiest blocks within that area, but it’s not as though I’m afraid of getting shot when I pass through. End of the day, there are a number of factors that are probably going to end up transforming this intersection. I don’t own property anywhere or even live within a mile of this place so I do not have a dog in this fight.

    • I get where you’re coming from, but wait 1 year and see if you still think this comment applies. This corridor is set up for rapid change that will probably start once the Howard Theater reno finishes and continue as several of the development projects that have either already begun or are hoping to break ground soon start (granted, I know many of these may be pipe dreams that never take off, but the sheer number of developers touting plans for this immediate area (including 7th just N of Florida and Florida between 9th and 7th) makes it more likely that at least some will come to fruition).

  • With all the recent construction happening at that intersection (Howard Theater, the Shaw Metro construction, some other smaller activity), this is actaully going to be a pretty nice area in a couple of years. It will like in with the eastern end of U ST construction as well.

  • This is great news and hope that it will look welcoming and that more joints will be progressively opening in that block, both on T and on 7th… much needed fresh air and hopefully it will go well with existent foot traffic and more so in future with Theatre and new dvlps around metro. Yay!

  • The neighborhood gossip and all of the work they are putting into the place (adding the large beautiful windows) seem to indicate that it will be a great addition to the neighborhood. I have also heard good things about the shoe repair business on our neighborhood listserv.

  • The Italian restaurant opening at 715-717 T St will most definitely be sit-down. The powers that be in that area required it as to decrease the possibility of loitering. The owner is an extremely kind and generous man and will be a great asset for the neighborhood.

    The owner of Divine Shine at 723 T St also owns the tailor/alterations shop next door at 719-721 T St. She is a fantastic woman and her employees do great work.

    These businesses will be just the beginning of a great restaurant and retail shop scene on that intersection. With the renovation of the Howard Theater expected to be complete in early 2012 and the office space/residential/retail construction around the Shaw/Howard U Metro complete in early 2013, this area has nowhere to go but up. The troglodytic response by Anonymous doesn’t really apply here. They’re taking down the bulletproof glass in that area, not putting it up.

    The owner of the 2 properties at 725-727 T St NW is also reaching out to neighborhood businessmen who might be interested in opening an restaurant or retail store.

    Stay tuned…

  • Question: is the pizza joint going to occupy the space behind both windows in the top picture, or just the space to the left of the entry door?

  • It will occupy both spaces, 715 and 717 T St.

  • We have read your wonderful comments about our emerging business center. As we continue to develop businesses to serve community needs we appreciate your expressions of support as well as your continuing patronage while informing our neighbors of the services that we offer.

    Staff of Cheryl A Lofton & Associates and Divine Shine

  • Hi, I just want to piggy back off of Ms. Cooper’s comments. I am the owner of the upcoming Italian Restaurant. We will offer seating for patrons and not have chinese food. lol. We are strictly pizza, pasta, salad, and other menu items you would normally find in an Italian Restaurant. We will not be serving alcohol. It is important to me as well that the establishment is not a place for loitering. I am eager to serve the neighborhood families. Finally, a detail not everyone has learned yet: the name of the restaurant is La Pizza D’Oro. I am looking forward to meeting many of you soon.

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