Attempted Sexual Assault in 500 block of Florida Ave, NW

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From MPD:

On February 5, 2011, at approximately 3:30 a.m., a female complainant reported that a male subject forced his way into her home located in the 500 block of Florida Avenue, N.W. At that time, the male suspect attempted to sexually assault her. There is a lookout for a black male, weighing approximately 200lbs, 6’2” in height, wearing a black beanie on his head, dark hoodie, dark pants, and carrying a black back pack. Anyone with information is urged to please contact Detective Carmichael of the Metropolitan Police Sexual Assault Unit on 202/727-3700.

In addition, residents are reminded to always be aware of surroundings, avoid walking alone at night, and call 911 to report any suspicious activity. Thank you.

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  • In other crime news around the neighborhood, is there any more info out there about the prostitution bust on Georgia Ave over the weekend?

    The MPD listserv reported 15 arrests, but I’m curious about what was going on that would result in such a big event.

    • Prince Of Petworth

      MPD reported that 2 were running a house of prostitution on the 3100 block of Georgia Ave. 13 were arrested for solicitation and 2 were arrested for running the house.

    • That’s not too surprising. There are rub shops all over this town.

  • I am really growing to hate this city. People forcing their way into your house and trying to rape you?? What the hell???

    I don’t even know how I would respond or react to someone entering my house and trying to do that to me, and I am curious how the victim got out of that situation since it was attempted and I assume he didn’t go through with it.

    This city is just too much.

  • In most places where decent people live (and thankfully some decent people live in DC), something this awful would be a top new story.

    Anyone know anything about the victim – her age, race, was it a stranger crime, the extent of injuries she suffered?

  • Hide your kids. Hide your wife. They attemptin’ to sexually assault *errrybody* out here.

    But seriously, be careful out there.

  • horrible news. i hope the woman is okay.

  • I agree that more information about exactly what went on here would be helpful. Was this a situation where a woman was walking home by herself at 3:30 am when some asshole followed her and tried to force his way into her house, or was a woman just sleeping when some guy tried to break in?

    • I’m guessing/hoping that you don’t mean your comment to sound the way it does – suggesting that a (decent) woman shouldn’t/wouldn’t be walking home by herself at 3:30 a.m. – or that a sexual assault in that case is somehow less onerous.

      • I was also hoping that I interpreted that comment wrong. I work at a resturaunt and on occasion do have to walk home at 3:30am (no buses and no cabs). I’d like to think that simply being out late made a sexual attack less horrible.

        • Victoria and K, I think I know how you read concerned’s comment, and my guess is that concerned did not mean it that way.

          For what it’s worth, I did not read it the way I think you read it – I don’t think concerned was saying anyone should or should not be out on the street at 3:30am.

          • i read “concerned” comments as just asking for more details, and generally being concerned.

            try to avoid the urge to read negativity into things that don’t necessarily have them. this is a scary thing. sometimes words don’t come out perfectly.

      • I actually think that a predator breaking in to a house with the intent to sexual assault is FAR worse. The predator is willing to take on more risk and has probably premeditated the assault. Not only that, but the victim has the potential to be far less able to defend herself. I think the breaking into the house scenario has a much higher likelihood of being far worse than the following home scenario.

        Victoria, I didnt interpret concerned’s comments as containing any judgment on the woman or the time of day she was walking around. I agree that it would be helpful to know – just like it is good to know the difference between a bag snatching and a breaking and entering.

        I think that even suggesting that concerned meant it the way you said was completely unfair.

        • I agree with most of this. (Haven’t decided how much of the first paragraph I agree with but the rest is spot on.)

      • i don’t think concerned is looking to blame the victim if she were walking when the attack occurred. instead, i think he/she is looking for information on how the attack occurred. the precautions you might take would be different depending on how the attack went down.

      • Dude I know from the islands’s solution is: cut off their package, that’s something the thugs will remember after they turn 20. They may even thank you for it down the road.

      • Walking alone at 3:30am is a much higher risk activity than sleeping in one’s house. We can mitigate risk by limiting walking alone at 3:30am. It is much more difficult to mitigate risk by not sleeping alone.

        From the police bulletin:
        “In addition, residents are reminded to always be aware of surroundings, **avoid walking alone at night**, and call 911 to report any suspicious activity. Thank you.”

  • Victoria/K, I’m not “suggesting” anything. I’m merely quoting exactly what the police said — “residents are reminded to always be aware of surroundings, [and] avoid walking alone at night . . .” — and wondering if that’s what happened here. No, it doesn’t make the crime more acceptable or less horrible, but it certainly DOES make the crime more preventable. A sad but true fact.

    • K, your last post and my last crossed wires. I’m now seeing that the crime occurred exactly as I suspected. No, no, no it doesn’t make it less horrible, less traumatic, or less dispicable. But no one — man or woman — should be walking around that neighborhood alone at 3:30 a.m.

      • I disagree. I am a 185 lb male and I’ve walked around in that neighborhood around 3:00ish a number of times and have never had any problems. Crime happens in this city, but it’s not the 80s, people can walk the streets at night.

      • Concerned, thanks for the clarification. I figured you meant it the way you did but as someone who was blamed (by the Metro police no less) for being mugged because I was outside at night (I was waiting for a cab I called after work), I always feel the need to ask. Your comment was a heartfelt concern but many people still victim blame.

  • I’m now seeing I ignited a bit of a firestorm. Again, I’m not saying that a woman (or man) is “indecent” for walking alone at 3:30 on a Friday night in this part of the city. What I am saying is that it’s not smart and is certainly against the advice of the MPD. Of course there are times when it can’t be avoided, but those times should be few and far between. For example, if there are no cabs out front at 3:30 am a woman should probably call one, or her employer should.

    I do think that a random break-in with the intent to assault a woman is a scarier situation for the public — though not the particular woman involved — than a woman being followed home at 3:30 am. In the latter case, there’s an element of opportunity, which is more preventable, and less likelihood of premeditation.

    I’m not saying any of this is an excuse. Nobody is, to be blunt “asking for it” by walking around alone at night. I’m just talking about reality. And the reality is that the risk of a being a victim of violent crime in our neighborhood increases when you are alone on the streets late at night.

    • sometimes people have a hard time separating “sound advice” from “accusation”. you said nothing wrong, but people always look for the negative.

      especially when many of us are feeling defensive just reading about this crime.

    • it’s not possible to “call” a cab in this part of DC FYI.

  • That’s why it’s always good to have the whole story before posting comments.

    That’s also why I – and “K” I believe – clearly and carefully worded our responses to clearly point out the possible miss-conception of “concerned’s” (no idea how to punctuate that correctly) original post.

    And while I accept the reality of more inherent danger from predators at 3 a.m. I still reject the idea that “But no one — man or woman — should be walking around that neighborhood alone at 3:30 a.m.”

    It is not as extreme as the Taliban’s assertion that women must be covered up because men can’t control themselves, but it is a step along the same path.

    And we still don’t know the whole story anyway.

    • Again, Victoria, I’m just quoting word for word the advice from the MPD: “avoid walking alone at night.” So I guess your beef is not just with me.

    • seriously? you think walking around the 500 block of Florida avenue at 3:30 am is a good idea?

    • “It is not as extreme as the Taliban’s assertion that women must be covered up because men can’t control themselves, but it is a step along the same path.”

      All, Please forgive me for dignifying this comment with a response, but I must say that I never expected exegesis on the theology of the Taliban at Prince of Petworth.

  • Right. We’re all feeling more vulnerable, and we all need reassurance that we can take concrete steps to avoid being a victim.

  • “That’s why it’s always good to have the whole story before posting comments.”

    Who are you directing this comment to, Victoria? Nobody commenting knows the whole story, including you.

  • I am in serious awe of any woman who successfully fights off a 6 footer at 200 lbs. Whoever she is, I hope she can at least acknowledge that about herself. You are truly amazing, sister…

  • I believe in castration of sex offenders. I am serious about this. Even attempted rapists should be castrated. Dont give them a chance to succeed the next time. They are f-ed people who cannot be rehabilitated.

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