Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – U St, NW

This rental is located at 9th and Florida Ave, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Beautiful condo has walk-in closet, granite counter tops and breakfast bar, accent wall with TV-ready mount, washer/dryer, dishwasher, microwave, gas stove and oven, refridgerator/freezer, high-end finishes, and plenty of cabinet space. Cable and ethernet jacks throughout with access panel in coat closet. Floor to ceiling windows with sweeping views from the Capital to the Washington Monument. This third floor condo is walking distance to several shops, clubs, restaurants and is 1 block from the U Street Metro. It is also walking distance to the 9:30 Club and the Banneker Community Center with a swimming pool, lighted tennis courts, track, basketball courts and baseball field. Underground parking and other access points use secured remotes and key fobs. Bicycle racks are also available on both levels of the garage.

1 year lease
available March 15
$300 non-refundable dog deposit
$25 application fee
$2000 security deposit”

Curious what you guys think about this one from the Floridian – does $2950 sound right for this 2 bed/2 bath?

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  • Way too much. 3000 bucks? For 1500/person you can live pretty much anywhere in DC.

  • For that price you could live in Dupont or perhaps Georgetown. It should be $2000 per month.

    • Sorry, but that’s a wet dream. $2950 might be on the high side (an I’m not even sure that’s true), but there’s no way you could get a 2/2 in anything close to a neighborhood like this for less than $2400, and probably not even for less than $2500.

      • If that’s the case for justification of this price, then developers need to either think harder or be a little more creative.

        This type of housing is simply NOT AFFORDABLE FOR MOST HARD WORKING FULL-TIME even white collar WORKERS nowadays.

        • Listen, nobody was advertising this as affordable for all people. This building is pretty plush. Obviously, someone who makes a decent living will live here. It is affordable for many working professionals. Believe it or not, there is a lot of money in DC.

          • I simply disagree…

            I really do not think that is affordable –even for many working professionals.

            Maybe PoP should offer a posting of how much is normal to spend on your dwelling?

            25%, 33%, 50% and then poll his audience to find out how much we’re spending.

          • Are you kidding? I would think that since this is a 2 bedroom, there are going to be at least 2 people living here. Maybe each one makes 50-75k/year. It is not unreal to imagine them paying $1500 per person to live in a seriously nice pad steps from the metro.

            Bottom line is that two bedrooms go for well over $3k all over the city. This one happens to have all the creature comforts you could want and is as close as you can hope to get to the metro, without living on top of it. Some people point out that the area is “transitional”, and its true, however, with Duffy’s, American Ice, Dodge City, Nelly’s, 9:30 Club, Dickson Wine Bar and 1905 all within 1.5 blocks, there is always tons of foot traffic. Once the Brixton opens up I have a feeling that these people might be able to get higher rent for this place.

        • Where do you get this idea that something must be affordable for all people, or even most people to not be overpriced? Just because YOU can’t afford it doesn’t mean that it is overpriced. Maybe it is not meant for you. There are tons of associate attorneys making $160k+ who would take a place like this, and tons more GS-13s who would split it. I know lots of people who love this neighborhood, and would pick it 10 out of 10 times over Georgetown. You only need one tenant to make this at the correct price point, not half the city.

          • Agree in regard to this area (and U St generally) being preferrable to a good number (by no means all or majority) of people to Dupont or Georgetown. I know several people who in the past year have moved to U St from those neighborhoods and are now gladly paying higher rents for living in the area.

        • And PLUSH??!! haha

          I thought the main feature of industrial design, modernism, concrete was supposed to be efficient.

          All that concrete and right angles are so expensive?

          Not an inlaid tile,
          no handcarved wood,
          not a curved archway to be found!!
          Obviously you’ve got something invested here and I drive a hard bargain… but it’s not THAT plush. New yes. Plush No.

          I’m not asking for PLUSH! Justify higher prices all you want. It’s not difficult to make things expensive.

          • Friends, Neighbors, And HOMEOWNERS who really really really want their values to go up!

            I AM the LOCAL WHITE PROFESSIONAL and I dare to question these prices. Fear me! Be pissed off by me.

            My request is that developers create buildings we can afford and it still stands

            Sorry if it’s pissing you off! SUE ME!

            These buildings are NOT worth it. Bragging about access to a community center pool means you don’t have a pool!

          • i’m uncertain what you’re freaking about.

          • The power of an opinion, request, being middle-class and you.

          • bloom, there people who compete to drive prices up are renters. You’re kind of getting lost in the idea that one person (you) can be the arbiter of fair market value for a apartment. Not so. FMV is determined by a large cast of players, and one person’s opinion matters for (almost) naught. The lack of value you see in this rental is irrelevant. The 20 or 30 people who’ve already emailed this guy about the condo are relevant. Like others have said above, these are probably couples who make at least $60k apiece, i.e., 25% of income for rent — very affordable. Keep in mind, $60k is not all that much by DC standards.

            I think people in DC are going through constant price shock, because real estate and rent prices continue to go up — but not without reason. Look at U around 9th. That area has improved a lot in the last 5 years. Hence, prices go up a lot. You can’t have it both ways: the neighborhood adds a dozen nice bars and restaurants, and rent prices stay affordable.

            This place would probably rent for $3500+ in Dupont. But as much as people think this is a “bad” neighborhood, keep in mind that the Dupont/Adam’s Morgan centric paradigm of 10 years ago has made way for new ways of thinking. Nowadays, not everyone will pay that extra $500 or $800 to live on 17th. Especially the DINK gays. 17th in Dupont is kind of a yesteryear gay hangout compared to 9th in U today.

          • Ok, thank you Tres for the background, but I might disagree again.

            At a salary of 60K, presuming a person has health insurance and pays taxes, $1500 will basically be %50 of their income. (We’re saying two professionals in the apt. at $1500 a piece.)

            So yes, a space for more lawyers. That is nice. Don’t mind me while I stand for someone else. And, I just will continue to ask it, no matter how desparate it sounds.

          • That’s where you got it wrong. If you look at qualifying ratios for mortgages, 25% of pre-tax income is considered conservative — not post tax. So your version of 25% is different than what millions of people (professionals, no less) consider conservative. Currently, you can qualify for up to 49% in some cases.

            The couple makes $120k+. They pay $36k. That’s roughly 25%. Granted, I’m guessing the landlord will see tenants who make more than that, and will probably choose them. But even the $60k couple has about $60k/year of take home, after housing expense and taxes. That’s a very livable situation. Honestly, even with massive student loans, how would a couple blow $5k/month?

          • Haha, I know this from experience and it is not wrong. (As much as you might like to invalidate that, sorry, you can’t.)

            But you know what is one MORE problem with areas that go up in price drastically?

            The nouveau riche.

            And whenever I’ve seen the nouveau riche, there’s always a good quality of kitsch about them.

            You want the Georgetown wannabees of yesteryear? You want to charge that for there? You can have ’em.

          • Okay, I get it. You are like a funny little Elf or some kind of mischievous mythical creature who writes fantastical things. I must say, I like.

          • No, not really.

          • I just did a quick look on Craigslist and I confirmed what a lot of people have been saying: this place is over priced. There are plenty of places for 3000 and less all over the city.

            Now, everybody… shhhh

          • Just because there are some other 2 bd/ba all over the city for under $3000, that doesn’t mean this one is overpriced. It’s not that simple. You must realize that. Tell me you realize that.

  • Blech…that is one of the ugliest buildings in the city.

    • To each his own. I actually think it looks awesome. I think it looks cool when you’re walking up Vermont from several blocks away.

  • Sigh. Nothing will ever be affordable for me.

    I like the windows, but I would never pay 1500 unless I was absolutely 100% comfortable walking around there at 1 am, which, personally/right-there, I am not.

  • Well the Ellington charges about this much for a 2 bdr, amybe just a bit less, so priced the same as other bldgs in the neighborhood.

  • Overpriced. Another example why we need more affordable housing in the city.

  • I looked at a room in the Floridian when I was searching for housing back in August. The second bedroom was super small, and even though I would have paid less than that, I didn’t find it particularly worth it. The building and the roof deck were pretty nice though, and I personally don’t have any issues with that area. I wouldn’t live there, but then again, my publishing salary wouldn’t let me afford it anyway.

    • I actually looked at one of these units to buy several months ago when they were still on the market (I think there are several more units available in the building, but this particular model is sold out). It is actually incredible. It was way out of my price range so I didn’t even consider it, but the view and the layout were really nice and workable I thought. I also remember thinking that the second bedroom was very decent compared to the second bedroom in the Adams Morgan apartment I was renting back then.

      That said – not sure if it is a good deal. Again, this is out of my price range so never had the opportunity to compare. Either way, I would sure love to live there if I could.

  • I actually think this is about right. I’d love to live in that area. While I can’t afford that rent, I have a feeling that someone will snatch it up. The unit has an incredible view down Vermont and is like 1 block away from the metro.

    Also, for $3000, I do not believe you can get a brand new 2 bedroom apartment in Dupont with washer dryer and parking.

    • True, we’ve had this discussion before. For those that missed out: new construction with all the modern amenities costs a lot more than old 1950’s era housing. Hence, this costs as much a a dank, beat up apartment in Dupont with less to offer outside of location.

      • +100. I have no idea if this is a good deal or not, but I get the feeling the posters here are overlooking the fact that there is more to a rental’s price than location and sq ft.

  • There was a similar or identical 2BR unit in that building last week going for $300 less.

  • This kind of thing shouldn’t surprise me by now, but I still find it so hard to believe that there are so many people with that kind of money that don’t want to buy and are willing to live in a transitional neighborhood.

  • You guys must not have taken a look at the DC Rental market recently. While I wouldn’t say this is a good deal by any strech, it’s market rate. You are getting a lot for $1500/person: washer/dryer, parking, nightlife, easy Metro access, roof deck.

  • We own a row home about 4-5 blocks west of 9th and Florida and rent our 1 BR/1 BA English basement for over $2000 a month, so this doesn’t seem all that high to me.

    • An English Basement for OVER $2000 a month? WTF?

      • Are you kidding? Yes, there are tons of english basements that go for that around DC? Where do you live and what do you pay that you are so shocked?

        • I pay $850 per month for a 1200 square foot apt in Eckington. I live right in the middle of 3 bus lines and a 15min walk to 3 metro stations. IMO it’s fantastically absurd to pay $2000 to live below ground.

          • I agree, but a lot of people are apparently willing to do it, and you can’t blame landlords for charging market price.

          • Please don’t take this the wrong way, but the cardinal rule of real estate, as we all know, is location location location. You pay 850 dollars a month because you live in Eckington. Sure, you’re on a bus line and can walk 15 minutes (during the day) to e metro, but the same can be said about lots of neighborhoods in DC. In the heart of the U Street Corridor you couldn’t rent a cave for 850 a month. Most young professionals, especially with roommates, wouldn’t even consider living where you live.

          • I walk to the metro during the day and at night and I have never felt that I was in danger. I would rather pay my $850 and pay $1.50 and be on U street in 10 min than pay $2000 to live closer but have to eat Ramen noodles and not go out for a night on the town because I pay $2000 in rent.

            To each their own, but I think it’s crazy to pay that amount for something you don’t own, imo.

          • you hit it on the head – 15 minute walk to metro. that’s a big difference from a 3 minute walk, and the price goes up accordingly.

            likewise, having multiple options for restaurants/bars/nightlife within a 5 minute walk also drives that price up accordingly.

            whatever the market will bear, kiddies.

          • That’s the market for you. Some people prefer to pay for convenience, some people prefer to make their lives a little less convenient to save a few bucks. But please, $1.50 won’t get you to U St in 10 minutes from there unless you happen to walk to the bus stop at the precise second it comes. I love taking the bus in DC, but unless you have the schedule memorized, and the bus actually runs by it, you spend a lot of time waiting.

          • Umm it’s called DC Metro bus app, so no I don’t wait long for the bus because I know when its coming. Secondly, I actually like my neighborhood, so no I would not drop $2000 on RENT anywhere in this city. It’s just absurd to me, but that is my opinion.

            I don’t get an orgasm by being able to walk around the corner and be on U street. When I want to go I catch the bus and I’m there in a few min. Just preferences I guess, albeit ridiculous to pay that much in rent, but whatev….

          • Ok, that’s proof that you don’t take the bus very often. Those NextBus apps less reliable than the schedules.

        • I think its insane how much “young up and comers” dump on rent…honestly…2000 could be paying a mortgage and youd have enough left to lease a vehicle.

          • For a young couple with decent incomes to cough up 2000 dollars a month between them on rent isn’t that big of a deal anymore. This is DC, with the highest average income of any metro area in the country. As for Anon living in Eckington and taking the bus rather than living on U Street and eating noodles, he needs to remember that it’s not an either or proposition: there are plenty of young professionals who can afford the higher rent without having to eat the noodles. I’d venture a guess that Anon wouldn’t live in Eckington if he could afford U Street.

          • that was for Don from the P

      • I take the bus single everyday smartsass. I don’t own a car.

  • You gots ta chill, fellas. This is a primo pad.

  • I own a rowhouse 2 blocks south of here and I rent out my 1 bed/1bath 900 sq ft apartment which was just completely renovated nicely 2 years ago for $2000/month. I don’t charge the tenants for any utilities though. I’ve had my tenants for 20 months now and they are quite happy. So if you have a nice rental with upgraded finishes people will pay for it.

  • Craigslist has this listing for a 1BR English basement at 13th and T for $2000. Same neighborhood, right?

  • I live in this building and I do think the price is accurate for the amenities it comes with. I looked at a ton of buildings in the area when I decided to buy and this had the best value hands down. Transitional? Mayhaps. But, it’s totally lovely to have Dickson, Nellie’s and the 9:30 club as my backyard.

  • as someone who knows someone else who has lived in a 1 bedroom here, i can tell you that you are seriously better off renting a gigantic house or a nice 2-bed carriage house and enjoying the backyard that would come with it.

    her space was maybe 600 sq ft and was extremely limited in terms of being able to fit her items in the place. there was a 2-bed unit for show next door which i snuck into a few times, and it is just so ridiculously small for that price, i cant imagine anyone but a solid idiot transplant would pay for it.

    • Yeah, but you’re safer in a gigantic apartment building than you are in a house. For some people the peace of mind is worth the trade-off in space.

      • who says an apartment is any safer? dont forget you can live next to a perp in an apartment building just as much as living next to a perp in a house.

    • I also know someone with a 1 bed/1bath in that building and it is actually quite large. About 800 sq ft or so I would say. I went on one of the tours of the building a while back and there are no two units with the same floorplan on any one floor (at least that I saw), so I wouldn’t judge the whole building based off of your one friend’s unit. I don’t remember seeing this one, but it looks pretty spacious.

    • I looked at a unit here that was a 1 br/1ba that was a really good size. It wasn’t unreasonably priced at the time (I heard they increased their prices since I was looking) but I fell in love with another condo down the road in Shaw. Anyway, I toured a lot of the units when I looked and there weren’t too many that I thought were “small”. Yes, maybe if you’re coming from the suburbs, but not if you had been on the market looking at 1 and 2 br condos in DC for any amount of time.

  • This letter is dedicated to James.

    Neighbors you’re either with the middle class or against it.

    Now, I think it’s great that some of you have moved from Lake Erie to the big schity of Warshington and are making it to the big top!! And I’m happy for some of you that you totally believe that you deserved it because you think that it’s that *challenging* to get a job in DC. (Wake up — we were the only city to have a job surplus in the early 2000s. Sorry to burst your bubble. Take your skilz to San Francisco and let me see you get a job.

    It’s somewhat nasty to cackle at how well your real estate and pining for rising values when other people in the country are suffering at all levels?

    No, really, I’m glad your property values are rising as the prices around you rise, but if you don’t stand for the mixed housing anywhere you live, you will be inviting a stratification of the classes.

    While you’re here — you’re making phat dough — at least for a single person, or one who will never have kids.

    Keep a candle lit for the middle class. The high prices will come back to bite you in the derriere. You do need other people in the city too, you know; you don’t want to live in a city of only lawyers?

  • Oh you didn’t hear my voice when I said it. It’s very slow and condescending and has lot’s of the RSCH sounds in it!

    • So you failed in communicating your ideas.

      And I can’t be bothered to figure out what rsch means. “Routine sociologist contemplates hisass?”
      “Route schoolboy confuses history?”

  • Oh no, I didn’t fail really. It’s obvious to me you got it. Although too bad you’re offended. [RSCH] is a way to pronounce. Read like this “Warschington” for example. It’s not about you or me though, it’s about getting your heads out of your asses and thinking about more than your own real estate values and those of a whole city.

  • OK Gotta run! Have to massage my bunion! But good times! Good times. Thnx WOW!!

    WOW!! Sorry if you’re from Lake Erie. Really!

    • Not being snarky or judgmental – probably there is no way to get across the idea of communicating sincerely on this blog – and of course I know people get all hot and bothered and hyperbolic here – but you actually sound like you might be in a bit of a bad patch – or just a bad night – so please reach out for help if you need too.

      If I’m reading too much into just a general snarky reply – fine. I don’t mind. I’ve seen too many crashes.

  • Oh puh-leeze!! Do you want to be a hero now?

    Forget about me.

    Save your sympathy for people who can’t afford to live here anymore.

    And I pity you too… SO PIOUS!!! Seriously: you really DID think you were all that didn’t you? Maybe you’re the one who needs therapy babes.

  • And you are ____?

    : ) ANONYMOUS!

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