Mon. Afternoon Rental Option – Capitol Hill, NE

This rental is located at 518 9th Street, NE:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“Capital East Apartments is a vintage 1920s apartment community located blocks from the U.S. Capitol building and Union Station. The property is located 4 blocks from Lincoln Park.

The units are spacious, have hardwood floors and original details. The building is pet-friendly. There is on-site management and controlled access to the building.”

I’m thinking this is a good deal – $1250 for a 1 bedroom sound right?

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  • Yes, good deal in a great neighborhood.

  • HA! I lived in that building – in that exact layout when – I 1st moved to DC – around 2001. I paid $725 the 1st year and when left (2005)I think I was paying $875. It was a pretty weird building and the old management company fixed NOTHING – plus you had to be vigilant about roaches. IDK – It’s fine for 1 person – nothing fancy. It worked for me and it was the cheapest one bedroom I could find on the Hill..$1250 seems about right…. and hey, it’s close to H Street.

  • If you look this building up on the apartment ratings site, you’ll realize why it’s so cheap!

  • This building was featured in an investigative piece in the Washington Post about landlords trying to push out tenants so that they could convert to condos. I think the owners have now resigned themselves to tenancy because of the implosion of the condo market. One of the tenants who moved out complained vociferously about the condition of the building at the time (couple of years ago).

    The Fenty administration pushed them into renovating the apt building after much pressure from the neighborhood, which includes, fortunately, some influential types. The Post story helped.

    It also had a drug dealer problem up until a year or two ago. That dude and his girlfriend, who leased the apt) were finally arrested/pushed out after a lengthy investigation.

    Now I see lots young, white, blonde women with small dogs moving in.

  • i used to live in that building and it was a DUMP. at the time, around 2006-07, i paid $1200 for a 2 bedroom. even that wasn’t cheap enough to justify the filth.

  • One of the sketchiest apartment hunting experience I have ever had. Ever.

    Two years ago my husband and I were looking for an inexpensive 1 bedroom apartment on Capitol Hill. We called and set up an appointment to look at a place here. The apartment was nice and looked newly renovated. We asked multiple times if this was a show unit or the actual unit we’d be renting. The lady apartment manager kept telling us it was the actual available unit. We liked it but wanted to talk it over so we walked to Ebenezer’s coffee to discuss. With in 45 minutes we called back to say we’d be stopping in to sign the lease and leave a security deposit if it was still available. She told us she rented the unit while we were gone but just had another unit open up. Chalking it up to our bad timing we went back and looked at this other unit. This second apartment was a dump, and looked like it hasn’t been lived in an a long time ( meaning it probably hadn’t “just opened up”). Doors didn’t lock, appliances were rusty, windows had peeling paint. So we said thanks but no thanks and left. Less then 2 hours later the lady called us back to tell us that first unit “suddenly became available.” Our spider senses were going off so we just told her we were no longer interested and thanked her for her time. As it turns out a coworker of my husbands ended up renting the first apartment we looked at (the nice newly renovated one). He ended up paying to get out of his lease within 6 months. He said the water ran rust red no matter how long he let it run. The door could be pushed open even when locked and that their was a huge roach problem. To make it worse he said the apartment manager never responded to any of his maintenance requests. We were so glade we didn’t take that apartment and instead moved into the Car Barns near Lincoln Park.

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