Mix’t Greens Closes Downtown. Can Funxion Be Far Behind?

The Downtown BID writes:

“Mixt Greens, an eco-gourmet restaurant concept, has closed its location at 1311 F Street (NW). The restaurant had just replaced Organic to Go, which shuttered its operations nationwide to focus on its organic wholesale and catering business, last year. Mixt Greens cited “a long running dispute with the landlord” as the reason why it shut down.”

The only question I have is – how much longer will next door neighbor Funxion last?

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  • I poked my head into Funxion just yesterday during the noon lunch rush…and there were only about 10 people in there.

    2 doors down at Devon & Blakeley (?)…it was a mob scene…there had to be at least 50-75 people in there.

    Personally I chose not to eat at Funxion b/c if I am looking for healthy food, I don’t want junk food (pizza/burger) that is marketed to me as healthy (zero trans fat! organic beef!)…I want food that is actually healthy (quinoa/tomato/pepper/spinach salad maybe?)

    Hard to say if I’m in the majority or minority with that mindset…on paper Funxion should be doing well among people who only want to pay lip service to eating well.

    Crap, now I actually want a burger for lunch. Ack!

  • That’s too bad. I work near here and Mix’t Greens was my favorite lunch option–the salads were the best in the area. A little expensive, but delicious.

  • It won’t. Their burger was terrible.

  • Funxion is DONE they havent paid there GC a cent to date (law suit). Douglas is shopping the space to other concepts. Bye Bye

  • does anybody else miss High Noon?

    • Yes, I miss High Noon. Forgot it was long gone – that’s what I went looking for there in the first place.

  • Aw shucks. Mixt greens was awesome.

    Funxion…not awesome.

  • I’m surprised about this since I work across the street and have many co-workers that go there. Mixed Greens always seemed to have a line during the lunch rush so I have started going to fuxion. I’ve probably gone 7 times and enjoyed it each time. They are pricey but I enjoyed their wraps and burgers. I hope they stay open because I feel healthy when I eat there even if it is a hoax!

  • I know that Funxion is not only a lunch spot, but they are open on Fri and Sat nights — they usually have DJs spinning, dancing, and 2 bars open. So they do have another source of money. But DC commented above that they haven’t paid their GC so not sure what is going on.

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