Mayor Barry’s Environmental Design Award

I think we may have looked at this once in the past but it cracks me up every time I pass it. It’s located near North Capitol St and New York Ave, NW in Truxton Circle. For this to win an environmental design award, it really makes you think what DC must’ve looked like in 1989…

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  • Ha! That’s hilarious. Thanks for the laugh.

  • Pretty reflective of the entire Barry era. Ugly, unplanned and skewed towards the lowest common denominator.

    I am sure that along with the plaque came an off the books “cash money” award. Hey, it was Barrys style.

  • You can thank Barry for setting the standard that many of D.C.s worst residents seem desirous to live up to. During a time where this city needed real leaders…we got him. The fact that he hold office right now in our city makes me want to throw up into one of those ugly planters.

  • that’s what happens when you let a crackhead do your landscaping.

  • Everytime I pass by those I wonder – WHY are those still there?! I guess it’s only a matter of time before the developement from the Convention center and from the NY Ave Metro meet…

    right? *crossing fingers*

  • marion barry is the gift that keeps on giving

  • Seems like this was designed to prevent commuters from using that street as a shortcut. Knowing how commuters act in capitol hill (speed like maniacs down residential streets), this seems like a cheap, effective (albeit poorly designed) solution.

  • I seem to remember using this street as a cut through maybe 8 years ago. Maybe the thing that changed was the no left turn sign.

    @Chris. Check out these listings, like a block from there.

    Seems like the speculators agree with that notion.

  • I believe the street was designed to limit rampant drug dealing. Hanover Place was one of the most notorious of all neighborhoods back in the crack era. The problems today pale compared to those bad old days, though the problems today are no joke.

    • Agreed. I remember when those went in (I thought it was the mid-90s, but it could have been ’89.). Even as a kid, I thought it was a good thing. Does it look horrible? Absolutely. Is it effective at keeping NY Ave traffic from cutting through that neighborhood and creating a less than ideal spot for drug dealing and drive bys? Absolutely.

  • “Mayor Barry’s Environmental Design Award” would be a great euphemism for “Horse’s Ass Award”.

  • Probably the bigger question is who is suppose to be maintaining these planters? Did the neigborhood association (Truxtion Circle?) agree to maintain them? After all, it certainly has reduced the commuter cut through, of course the no left turn sign has strengthed that. And you could aurgue that this has improved thier environment. Seems like a efficient solution to a traffic problem to me, better than speed bumps and other traffic calming measures currently used. This being said, they do look like crap, but it is winter and few planters look any better this time of year. Maybe some pansies or ornamental cabbage sould be consider by the HOA or NOMA if their responsible.

    I wonder what other project from the Barry era recevied this award? How about some constructive comments rather than the snark! A plague is better than a Brick IMHO.

    • “A plague is better than a Brick IMHO”

      I’ll assume that’s a typo, unless you’d really prefer a plague?

      Anyway, yes, it’s winter and they don’t look great. but I’d be willing to bet they also look like poopoo in the full bloom of spring. It’s a half-assed stop-gap measure that in no way shape or form deserves a plaque to commemorate or celebrate it, even when it looked its best.

  • Where is the Hanover Task Force? Probably comments should be directed to them.

    • Yes, who were these giants who strode the Earth in mythic times?

      I’m thinking that civic association is long defunct. This is a relic of an early wave of improvement that swept over the city.

  • Hah. Reminds me of The Most Beautiful Bridge of 1972, right here in beautiful Washington, DC.

  • Love the vodka bottle in that first planter. Very classy.

  • The plaque says “Master Plan.” I knew it! it’s all part of The Plan™

  • Some [email protected] landscaper musta set him up:)

  • Taylor Street dude: i was referring to the “walkable neighborhood award” from the ward six representative, the honorable Mr.Wells -probably unnecessary snark. The award is a brick, with maybe a plague. Sustainable- yes and doubles as a weapon!

  • LOL thanks u mayor barry

    that what happen when u elect a drug addict as a mayor. it is really funny that he still working for the city. only on DC.

    they look that bad all year round n people use them as trash cans 2.

    i live on that area n the city never cleans those st. i wonder were my taxes go

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