Ken’s Carryout No More?

“Dear PoP,

Not too long ago you wrote a post judging Ken’s Carryout. I don’t live too far from it, and happened to walk by while a sign for something called Wincrest Commercial was being put up with zip ties, covering the Ken’s Carryout sign. You can’t see it in my blurry picture, but the sign has two 703 area code phone numbers listed on it. I haven’t seen Ken’s open since early December at the latest, so I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Ken’s is no more, as this sign hanging would seem to indicate.”

Ken’s is located at 400 Florida Ave NW and when we judged them in Oct. ’10 we learned that it was already on the market for $249k. It looks like Wincrest could be a commercial real estate company. Whoever they are, I hope they keep this sweet mural.

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  • Do you guys think there is a market for a new, local, and reasonably price organic carryout here?

    • I live 3 houses down and would very much so like to see this kind of business move into that space. I eat a lot of take out as well!

    • Without a doubt. I think a good carry-out would do amazing business based on the throngs of professionals heading home from the Shaw Metro and RI Ave to Bloomingdale. I for one would be a customer.

    • I would be the first in line! Healthy carry-out options are sorely needed in D.C. If you build it, they will come.

  • Yes, I do. I walk right past Ken’s on my way to Timor Bodega, and I would gladly support both a local, organic market and a local, organic carryout!

    …and I hope the mural stays.

  • Yes!!! I never thought I’d see this area change as fast as it did – as a result there’s a total market for another carry-out. Beau Thai, Rustik and Thai X-ing all do very well, but variety is key!

  • VideoR, I hope you asked because you’re thinking of opening one! I live four blocks east of Ken’s and would patronize a local organic carryout all the time.

  • That mural is so cool. Walk past it every day.

    Love the ideas, guys.

  • I would love to leave the mural and I’m interested in the space. Keeping my eye on the price here and hoping there may be some flexibility. Anyone know any details?

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