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  • I used to live a few blocks from this place. I wanted to love it, especially since it was featured in the City Paper as one of the city’s best sandwich spots, but the one sandwich I tried, the soppressata on focaccia, was just way too bready.

  • THe sandwich I had there, once, was a whole lotta bread and not much else. For $8 it was a major disappointment.

  • I’ve also had the soppressata sandwich and mine almost had too much soppressata, was quite lovely.

  • I’ve had some great sandwiches there and their egg salad, which I rarely eat, is awesome. When they first opened they were a bit on the snobby side but they seem to have chilled out.

  • Veggie sandwich wasn’t bad. Management needs a lesson in customer service. Cork wine bar’s front desk is under the impression they’re the only restaurant in town. Cork Market’s clerks would rather talk amongst themselves.

    Here’s a tip – After you’ve checked someone out, make sure there are no other customers in the place before you laugh about how you accidentally upcharged the customer by $25 on a bottle of wine.

  • stopped in last night and the employees were all either a) having a really bad day, b) hating their jobs, or c) total arseholes.

  • A reuben and hot chocolate don’t go together. I’m having belly issues just thinking about it.

  • Cork Market’s veggie sandwich is exceptional, and the sopressata on foccacia and chicken salad sandwiches are quite good. I look forward to these sandwiches on weekdays I spend at home; I wish there were something comparable at a brick-and-mortar location near my office in SW Federal Ghetto.

    By the way, I’ve never had a problem with the counter help there — the store is seldom busy during weekday lunchtime, anyhow.

  • I have NEVER had a problem with the service at either the market or wine bar – always exceptionally nice and accomodating. Yes, they are busy and popular so you have to wait but damn if they didn’t try to help me. Also, they give water to my dog, gave me free samples of the fried chicken, etc – I love them.

    Sopressata sandwich was dry and way too bready though, I have to agree on that. Never had anything else other than the fried chicken and sides. Those were good but still not that amazing – how can you justify chilling fried chicken?!?! It’s just not the same.

    • jburka

      actually, lots of people love cold fried chicken…

      I can’t speak to the meaty sandwiches, but the veggie sandwich with the deconstructed ratatouille is pretty freakin’ amazing.

  • I actually have had the Reuben, and it was great. Some of the best corned beef I’ve had in the city. It had coleslaw, though, instead of sauerkraut, so it’s not for traditionalists. It’s made to order, served hot, and should be eaten right away.

    The only problem with that is there’s nowhere to sit and eat it! I had mine in my girlfriend’s car…

  • Great place. Great wine. Bad food. Crotchety owner

  • I seriously don’t know what people are talking about re service. It’s a great addition to the neighborhood, great food and we especially like the cheese counter (and the woman there who usually helps us.) Weekend isn’t complete without a Cork scone, either.

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