Judging Coffee Shops/Bakeries – Pan Lourdes

Pan Lourdes is located at 3407 14th St NW (by Monroe). I’d always heard good things about this place but I was still surprised to see it was smashed crowded on Sat. Any fans here? If so, what are the must order items?

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  • The one thing I had there was digusting. It was some kind of danish that tasted as if they had substitued paraffin for the butter in the pastry. Totally nasty.

  • My boyfriend and I love their cream cakes–a slice of yellow sheet cake split down the middle, filled with pastry cream and covered in cinnamon. An enormous, delicious slice is only $1.50. The pineapple upside-down cake is good too.

  • Super cheap. Items are a mixed bag, but mostly good and different

  • Do they actually bake all their stuff on premises? And can you buy a regular loaf of fresh-baked bread there?

  • stale conchas

  • Crap, truck stop coffee.

  • They do carry baked good from the wholesale bakery in CH on 11th Street.

  • I love this place. No its not the greatest, but they are cheap and super friendly. Their poundcake is really good.

  • Wish I could say the baked goods were tasty, but I can’t.

    We still really need a basic, non-vegan bakery in Columbia Heights. There is a huge market opportunity there.

  • Never tried the baked goods, but their coffee is the worst.

  • I have been in a couple times and really desperately wanted it to be good, but I’m afraid it isn’t so great…conchas in plastic from Bestway are better…

  • All of their items are baked in MD and trucked in each day. Gotta say I was not all that impressed with the ‘shuttled in baked goods.’ The selection is varied and the volume of items is incredible to look at. However, I would still walk to Heller’s if a fresh baked item is what you are seeking.

    • “All of their items are baked in MD and trucked in each day.”

      They’d better watch out– one false move and an entitled DC resident might get pissed off and report them for aggressive driving!

  • Not that great… Reminds me of a local Hispanic bakery my dad goes to in Hyattsville and he thinks the cakes/pastries are amazing just because the owners are foreign. Everything is made with the same slightly sweet, slightly dry yellow dough.

    Hmm… you say they get their stuff from a bakery in MD? Must be a coincidence

  • best central american bakery i have found in the dc metro region. Guatemalteca in gaithersburg.


  • There is really no such thing as a really good Latin American bakery. Let’s talk French, Austrian, Danish – countries that know how to use butter and cocoa.

    • that is awesome that you have tired all latin american bakeries in the world!!!!!
      you should write a blog about that.

    • If you can ever get out to Colorado or California…and they may have a few other locations…check out the grocery store called Rancho Liborio. They have amazing baked goods. I believe it is a mexican based place. They also have a great taco counter in house!

  • Can you call yourself a bakery if you don’t bake anything? Doesn’t that make your business a totally different thing?

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