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  • Just think: an entire generation of kids will grow up never having to open the sliding windows with a hook on a pole.

  • $34.3 million of your tax dollars went towards making it nice. That’s a lot of parking tickets in DC currency.

  • Yes, it is a great facility. Almost as impressive as H.D. Cooke Elementary School in Adams-Morgan. But keep in mind that a large portion of the structure you have pictured here is the gymnasium which doubles as the community recreation center.

  • Why can’t get get nice stuff like this in Anacostia? Do you think race and class play a part in it?

    • They just completed a fancy renovation of Savoy Elementary School in downtown Anacostia a year or two ago.


    • A (a good) majority of DC’s tax dollars (property tax and income tax make up the majority of the city’s coffers) come from residents west of the Park (I’m not one of them, BTW). So why shouldn’t they get a nice school for their kids? When you pay into the system you expect something from it.

    • as your council person how funds are allocated.

    • There are a bunch of schools that are currently being renovated or rebuilt around the city, including Anacostia high school and HD Woodson. I remember reading a report a couple of months back (i think it was in the post) that school modernizations were pretty evenly distributed throughout the city.

    • Pretty sure schools are funded by property taxes. When houses in anacostia go for 800,000 on average and their owners pay $6500 a year in taxes, they can have nice schools. In the meantime, they can have their kids apply for busing or charter schools.

      • Ugh, you suck so bad. Those kids deserve nice schools as much if not more than anybody. I think I will drop you off in Anacostia in the middle of the night and you can walk home.

        • Of course everybody deserves a nice school, and everyone would have one in awesomeland, but that’s not how it works in reality. I deserve a nice apartment, but nobody’s going to give me one for free. As I said, anyone who really wants to go to a nice school can apply for out of boundary status, and if you work hard and do as well/better than in boundary kids, you can go to that nice school.

          And your comment about Anacostia isn’t helping your case. The reason dropping me off in Anacostia at night would be a threat is the reason schools aren’t as nice. Why give a $31 million school to a neighborhood where the majority of kids will not even bother to show up, and the majority of the ones who do will turn it into a garbage dump? If a nice school is something the community youth value, let them show it by treating the ones they have with respect.

  • Get off your ass and make things happen, you whiner. I live in gateway, (NE), so I can verify that you’re an idiot. Get your GED already, and go intern at the mayor’s office. In layman’s terms, GROW UP and contribute…. Then you’ll have the right to complain. Duh.

  • And for all you parents of pre-schoolers who dream of something like this for your kid: last year, of the 192 people that applied for P-K lottery spots at Stoddert, 38 got spots and they were all in-boundary; and 45 in-boundary Pre-Ks didn’t get spots…at least we have Truesdell.

  • Oh my god, you people are insufferable.

  • It was named Stoddert Elementary because when it first opened nearly 100 years ago, it was an academy that specialized in helping children overcome speech problems, notably stuttering.

  • and challenge Gray to raise the bar further.

  • My kids attend Stoddert and the whole building is totally awesome

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