Judging Buildings – Homes in Cleveland Park

I’ve always thought this was a peculiar home in Cleveland Park – I’m 92% sure that it is a single home (combined with the bungalow on the left). It now looks like there might be some renovations about to happen. Does anyone know what this arrow means? Do you think they’ll demo the structure to the right? Do you think they should?

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  • Maybe the arrow indicates where they’ll (hopefully) put a nice window

  • Or it’s a marker for some utilities work. I can’t imagine they’d just knock it down, unless they’re starting fresh to either rehab or rebuild as a fully integrated “wing” not an add-on. I didn’t see any permits.
    It’s a rather ugly artifice of an edifice. But I’m sure it’s a million dollar property.

    Location, location, location. A house like that in Petworth, Bloomingdale or CH, here among we “darkah people, da culuds” [from that scene in The Godfather when the dons decide to saturate black neighborhoods with heroin] would be pretty cheap, relatively. But Cleveland Park, well…

  • Maybe!

  • May be an indication of where you’re supposed to throw a snowball.

  • its a gang tag.

  • They should just demo it and start over. Its a pretty terrible addition.

  • That is a “from here in that direction” arrow. Just like you’d see on a sidewalk. Although, normally, if something is to be removed it would also have an ‘X’ on the section to be removed.

  • There is a new sign up for Renovations Unlimited. That doesn’t really help though because they do renovations but also do all the construction for MMG, which is a developer. I guess we’ll just have to see.

  • It’s missing the “I’m With Stupid.”

  • Does it indicate which door to use?

  • It always reminded me of a cult house…the lack of windows, the red light that sometimes would be left on at night, the random half naked people I would sometimes see laying out on the grass.

    Whatever they’re doing, my guess is that it will take some time. That home has been in disarray for at least the past year.

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