Judging Buildings 10th and G St, NW

The new building going up at 10th and G St, NW has really taken shape. It’s interesting that this corner now features three very different styles in contrast to the MLK Library (behind it) and the old church (across G St). You like the way the corner is looking?

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  • I think by itself this building looks good but what bothers me is that most of the new buildings look the same. If it’s an office building it looks like a glass box. If it’s a residential building then it looks like many of the new buildings we see on Georgia Ave and 14th St.

  • Ick. That entire block is a mess. The public library is an eyesore. We deserve better for a flagship public library

  • Very unimaginative architecture. But this is probably what all the mindless law firms are asking for.

  • Asthetics aside, these buildings are maintenance nightmares waiting to happen.

    We build all of these glass boxes because they are supposed to be the height of form for “efficient” space and “green” construction.

    Well, that may be, for now. The problem is, there is only one fastening system used in the world to secure those windows to the building, and they are made of rubber, which is highly prone to UV degradation and cracking due to repeated freeze thaw in the northern latitudes.

    In fact the worlds most reliable fasteners used in these large frameless commercial appliacations can only offer 20 year warrantys. Meaning, every window in every one of these new shiny glass boxes built around town will have to remove and resecure all those windows atleast every 20 years.

  • All that matters is that the ground floor will be sterile and devoid of life like all of DC’s post 50’s office buildings.

  • I think the Skandahooferflugen building is pretty sweet. I walk by there every day. At first I thought it’d be an eyesore, but it actually looks really good on that corner. The architect did a fine job, and hat’s off to Skaska for being the only developer of new commercial real estate in this city during the recession.

    I do agree with Roman that despite being designed by a famous guy, the MLK library is terrible. Not all famous architects get everything right 100% of the time, and that building reminds me of a Soviet dormatory. Also, that library is full of hobos and smells of pee.

  • Brutalist architecture makes me physically ill. I can’t tell what they are doing with the bottom floors of this building but if it’s in the same style as MLK, it will suck out the souls of the pedestrians as they walk by. It will be a building you walk past blindly, and away from quickly, to get to the energetic people-filled street in front of the Portrait Gallery and around the wanna-be Times Square of the Convention Center & Chinatown. I’m not a huge fan of Chinatown, but this mirrored box on stilts will create a deadzone

  • I think this is a really interesting project. It was originally intended to be a residential building, but the market couldn’t support it, so Skanska saved the day and developed it as an office building. If you don’t remember, this was the former site of the First Congregational United Church of Christ. The Church will occupy space in the new building.

  • Another beauty from Jeff Skanska and company.

  • How original, another glass box! Those must be hard to design, so much architectural detail on the external surfaces…

    At least the skeleton is all concrete, so when the glass “look” goes out of style maybe they can re-use the structure. Or perhaps that’s wishful thinking and it’ll be torn down to the ground and started over (again).

  • This building is brutal on the eyes. The glare of the sun on the south-facing side of the building is horrendous. This building is an eyesore. It is bland and unimaginative. The glass panels on this pig will probably start to look like crap in less than 2 years. In 5-10 years, it’ll be a maintenance liability. But who cares, probably not the owner as they will probably have flipped the building by then and will have passed the upcoming maintenance costs onto the next owner.

    Oh yeah, the base of the building looks like its going to zap any possibility out of a pleasant pedestrian experience. View 14 at 14th and Florida wins the prize for horrendous quality as it looms over the streetscape, but this one won’t be far behind.

  • I don’t care about the building, but I can barely stand to walk past that corner and in front of the library these days due to the inhuman smell. It’s always been pretty bad, but I suspect that the construction workers are now also using the place as a toilet, in addition to the homeless people.

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