It’s not Dirty just a Really Really odd Choice

This is from an incense shop on Georgia Ave, NW. It has one of the strangest window displays I’ve ever seen. We once had a caption contest from it. Walking past it the other day I thought I spotted something, uh, a bit, um explicit. Turns out it is explicit in another way. I’m not exactly sure who would buy a figurine of a someone committing Seppuku but this officially qualifies as the strangest thing I’ve ever seen in a store window. Can anyone top this:

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  • You sure he’s not greasin’ the pole?

  • is this the place between eddie leonard’s and gray’s market?

  • I wonder sometimes if these things are unintentionally funny. meaning the shop owner is just filling space and doesn’t really care what they put up. For example, there is a clothing store between Wonderland and Room 11 on 11th street. they had these amazing glittered gold pants displayed with really really weird 80’s tops. I remember just looking at the window and laughing to myself. The owner came out and invited me in…My point being is i don’t think he thought it was a funny display. He thought it was a selling point!

  • Indeed.. who the heck would put a glass of wine in display like that?


  • Yum Eddie Leonards…

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