I’m Dying To Know The Story Behind This One?

I stumbled upon this intriguing poster in Glover Park. For some reason Glover Park is one of the few neighborhoods where I always seem to get lost. Of course if I hadn’t gotten lost I never would have seen this. It could be the oddest poster I’ve ever seen (the advice to not touch raccoons is a close second). I feel like the flier is almost more interesting without all the info. The section that was ripped out or rather the section that is left is fascinating.

Shot in the dark: anyone know the story here?

For the creative types: If anyone wants to take a crack at imaging the rest of the writing, I’ll gladly give the best one a PoP t-shirt.

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  • Weird. Maybe something killed this guy’s cat and he wants the culprit dead or alive? It sounds from the subtitle that he prefers whatever it is to be found dead, which leads me to believe that he’s NOT looking for his pet cat but the enemy of his pet cat…

    … I’m not creative enough to actually make this into a PoP-tshirt-worthy post 😉

  • anonymouse_dianne

    My guess is that the cat was bitten by a raccoon and they would want it dead so they could get its brain examined to find out if it was rabid or not. Otherwise the cat has to be quarantined for up to a year to be sure it has not contracted rabies. There was a similar incident with a dog who is in rescue with Jasmine’s House in Baltimore.

  • Maybe it was posted by a Bon Jovi fan. Did I give you an earworm? 🙂

  • It doesn’t mean anything. I live in Glover Park and there are some people who put up posters like this all the time. Some are funny, some are dumb. Their last one was a lost dog poster for a rat with an aristocratic name. How witty!

  • My pet cat, Archimedes, was attacked while quietly doing math in the land of Baguettes and Bagels. Retribution in the form of termination is of the utmost importance to our National Security. The contract and the renumeration is as follows:

    Alive: Groupon for 70% off your next bar-tab at Good Guys
    Dead: …

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