House of the Day

I’ve been fascinated by this Georgetown house for years. At this point, I can’t wait for it to go on sale so we can get a look at the inside. I’m guessing it’ll go for $2 million minimum.

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  • What makes a house grand
    It ain’t the roof or the door
    If there’s love in a house
    It’s a palace for sure
    Without love
    It ain’t nothin’ but a house
    A house where nobody lives

  • A Tudor with “Two Doors” in the front. Poetic…LOL. Tudors generally speaking look like horrible ski lodges inside. I think the land is what will get it that price tag. No offense tho.

  • Is this on 33rd or 34th around O? Gigantic freakin’ back yard?

    If so, I just saw this place two or so weeks ago for the first time and wished to god I was rich…and wanted to live in that location.

  • I did a history of this house in 2003. It was built as a chapel beginning in 1855, with additions in 1858, a domed steeple in 1865, and another addition in 1867. It was known as the market Street chapel, and was adjacent to the Presbyterian burial ground, which took up most of the remainder of the block. A German artist turned the chapel into a house int he 1930s.

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