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  • saf

    Sousa World! Born there, majority of his career at the 8th and O barracks, buried in Congressional.

  • Seems like putting a plaque way up there on a private house is just asking for people to walk up your front steps uninvited (especially those without good eyesight or a camera zoom).

    • There’s actually a lot of those plaques on private homes on the Hill. One of the houses I bid on a while back had a plaque explaining how the house had originally been built for Dr. so-and-so in 1880… I think it’s an awesome feature and I thin kevery old house should have one.

      • I’m definitely wasn’t complaining, I read these too. I was just making an observation about placement and readability. If my house wasn’t right on the sidewalk, I would probably place a plaque out at the gate.

  • This is a beautiful house! Sousa is an iconic American composer.

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