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  • Wow! That’s almost right across 8th Street from the small alley that connects to the back of my property on A Street. I’d never noticed that penthouse or whatever it is. Thanks!

    Did you notice the weird little houses more or less directly across the street?

  • Maybe this is what happens when a middle-of-the-row rowhouse burns down?
    Hmm… I like my neighbors, but I would REALLY like to expand my house like this…

  • Its a little strange that the neighbors have a window right next to the roofdeck. They could basically climb out and join the party. It has creep potential.

  • GiantSquid

    There’s a house on the NW corner of G and 10th SE that has something very similar. I’m very jealous when I walk by in the summer because I’d love to have it.

  • I’m 99% certain that the homeowner operates an acupuncture clinic on the second floor. I went in 2008 and truly coveted the roof deck.

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