House of the Day

This house from Mt. Vernon Sq. is getting a total renovation. The outside is really starting to shine nicely (unfortunately it was raining on Sat. when I took these shots but when the sun is shining, well, you can imagine how nicely that blue pops).

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  • that house was a complete disaster. While it has received a complete make over, that color is a disaster. Someone that is in love with Disney movies like the little mermaid painted this house. yikes!!! That’s one way to create a landmark…

  • I like it! Wish more houses in DC had some color, this city is so drab sometimes…

  • Is this the house at the corner of M and New Jersey? If it is that place is still kind of a disaster, although they rebuilt the brick additon off the back that was previously being held up with 2 x 4s. There is still a bunch of plywood covering windows and I’m pretty sure a lot of the rooms are still just framing.

  • I also like it. You get the character of the original brick, along with that painted lady effect. I love it when someone’s bold and tasteful.

  • The colors are garish and tacky. It’s a bummer it went from a decrepit eyesore to a tasteless eyesore… there were a few weeks when it really had promise. Some of my neighbors and I now refer to it as the Clownhouse.

  • Color design by P.T. Varnum.

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