Home Invasion, Shooting/MPD Returns Shooting in Brookland Sun. Night

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This is terrifying. I’ve heard from a resident who said it was as scary as it sounds – From MPD:

On February 13, 2011 at approximately 2230 hours Fifth District units were dispatched to the 1000 block of Irving street ne for masked subjects entering a home, burglary in the first degree. Officers arrived almost immediately and confirmed a home invasion, officers surrounded the home when suddenly the suspects began to exit the house from the rear while firing weapons at the officers, the officers while in fear for their lives returned fire striking the suspects. Two of the suspects were transported to area hospitals, another suspect was taken into custody as well. All three suspects will be examined in relation to other crimes in the area.
Commander Lamar D. Greene

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  • I live roughly 4 blocks from where this incident took place and didn’t hear a thing. Crazy.

  • Thank you to the MPD! This is exactly how they put their lives on the line every day. Way to take some dangerous criminals off the street.

  • Sounds like great work by the MPD. Incredibly scary for the homeowners, but it sounds like these two thugs should be off the street for a while at least…

  • Way to go no only if they got the robbers that him my building this past sunday. I think MPD needs to shoot more criminals. That’s a good slogan. “MPD where we shoot more criminals and then we do inncent bystanders.”

  • OMG. Stunning. I’m glad the homeowners weren’t hurt. Home invasion is near the top of my list of fears.

    Exchange of gunfire, however, is not a good thing under ANY circumstances.

  • Such a weird dynamic in that area. So much CUA hate. I used to live in Edgewood, and there were some CUA kids up the block. They got their house broken into 3 times in a year. Our house? Nothing.

  • I wonder what the burglars were after? Home invasion usually isn’t random.

    • At least in my experience (see above), burglars target houses they know have college kids in them because they know they have valuable, easily sellable items (Laptops, Xbox 360, etc.) and aren’t going to retaliate afterwards.

    • The WaPo on Tuesday said the one invader who wasn’t killed had been at that house earlier to by some marijuana. So he likely thought that there would be money/product around.

  • Usually not good info-sharing between the wingnut Catholics at CUA and the Jesuits at my institution across town, but the word is the students were having a Grammy- watching party when the thugs arrived.

    [Irony though, is that there’s a better chance of being mugged, sexually assaulted, jacked etc. over on the Hoya side of the city, land of cupcakes and Prada, then Columbia Hgts or even Brookland. Of course, there’s better chance of getting shot over here.]

    • The first sentence of your second graf is utterly incorrect (don’t worry, you’re like the 1,000th commenter on this blog to be wrong about it).

      Crime per capita is the key stat, not total crime. There is more total crime in Georgetown because it draws exponentially more people than do the other neighborhoods you list. More people = more crime.

      Sorry, just get sick of hearing the following comment: “If you look at the crime numbers, [insert somewhat sketchy neighborhood] is safer than Georgetown or Dupont.”

      No, it’s not.

      • Anonymous (my name is Chambers–I’m never anon.) I’m also going by campus crime report alerts and my students’ and former students (many of whom live in Columbia Hgts) own anecdotes. neither my wife and I have an walking up from Metro or Meridien Pint or coming out of target with shopping bags. We’re on our guard, but were aren;t scared. Walking around Prospect and 35th, or walking under the Whitehurst with our kid at night–sometimes that nervewracking.

        • Funny you mention that – I actually have a buddy that got stabbed under the Whitehurst [well, on the old bridge trestle next to/under it] back in highschool in the early ’90s. But now? WRT violent crime, anywhere west of the park is safer than anywhere east of it. Just the way it is.

  • Terrifying. Why everyone should have an alarm and a dog.

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