Pound Coffee’s 2nd Location on Capitol Hill Hopes to Open March 7th

When we spoke about Perfect Pita coming to NoMa some folks were psyched to learn Pound Coffee would be opening a second location at 621 Pennsylvania Ave, SE. Here’s what it looked like last weekend. The sign is new to me. I’m hearing that if all goes according to plan they’ll be opening March 7th. We first learned of the 2nd location back in Oct. ’10. I’ll be sure to update when they open.

Incidentally, does anyone happen to know the plans for next door at 623 Penn. Ave, SE in the old Capitol Hill Art and Frame storefront? I’m always intrigued when the windows get papered over…

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  • Their logo makes it look like the name of the place is “poond.”

  • I’m excited for this. They’ve had a basic menu posted in the window for a while and it looks really nice for lunch or an early dinner. I’m happy to have a coffee alternative to Starbucks/Cosi but with a little more space than Peregrine.

  • Pound is excellent! Lucky for Capitol Hill.

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