H Street, NE Scuttlebutt – High End Indian Restaurant Coming to Old Naby’s Space

I have it from a very good source that a high end Indian Restaurant has signed a lease in the old Naby’s space at 1128 H Street, NE. Naby’s closed back in Aug. ’10. More info when it becomes available.

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  • It’s hard to imagine anything high end on H Street, but I guess it’s a sign of the times. I hope it’s good.

  • this excites me in my funny place.

  • what’s a well-placed source for high-end Indian scuttlebutt? Sounds NSFW.

  • All the newer places on H St are higher end/ more expensive. Smith Commons, Atlas Room, Fruit Bat, Church and State all fancy pants and overpriced in my mind. I prefer the cheap quirky places that started the run down here. The good news is they’re still here.

    Part of this trend is probably because the rent has gone up so much in the last few years. And people say it’s going to increase my property value but I didn’t buy in the area for that reason.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, columbia heights needs an indian restaurant. please please. i am so jealous of h st. where’s the CH love?

  • I dont understand why it has to be a FANCY indian restaurant? I love indian food – but I’d like it to be normal prices.

    I dont want to pay 25 bucks for a bunch of lamb and curry.

    I’m extremely excited that its coming in fairly close to me, though! I just hope its not too pricey, so I can go there often.

    • amen. fancy indian places like rasika are good (delicious, amazing) a few times a year…but more often, i want someplace where i can just grab a tasty, affordable meal.

      • Balance is a good thing. Rasika and Bombay Club are amongst the best Indian restaurants in America – and they’re pretty pricey. Glad they’re here. Plenty of affordable-enough Indian places to go around. Though I think they’re a bit tougher to find in the city. My favorites are in Bethesda, oddly enough. I don’t care if a place is cheap if it serves watery curries with stale naan.

  • I miss Naby’s.

    • Sorry, but Naby’s was a disgrace to Jamaican food. Taste of Jamaica is MUCH better.I live 2 blocks from Naby’s and would rather walk or drive down to Taste of JA for better food. Glad to see an Indian place coming though! And so close!

  • Just cause they say high-end, doesnt mean actual high end, fancy nontraditional indian food. May just be a marketing ploy. Something like the white tiger, or capital tandoor, which are good, but not “crazy expensive” would be fine by me.

  • When I hear “high-end” Indian, I think of four places in order of “high-endness” (def. not a word): Rasika, Bombay Club, Indique and Heritage India. Any one of those would be a great addition to the area.

    • Yeah, but I think I would actually prefer a good place to either sit down or take out. All the fancy places are nice, but sometimes I don’t want to work too hard for my food 🙂

  • This is great news but I too hope the prices aren’t too high and the food is amazing. this should be a nice addition to the neighborhood, just blocks from me. This is a plug, if any of you plan on going to Toronto check out South Indian Dosa Mahal on Bloor St. This is hands down the best Indian food that I’ve had. It’s very well priced, the food is tasty, the restaurant is family run and its a no frills place. Trust me and check it out when in Toronto.

  • To add to my previous comment. If you haven’t tried South Indian, it is definitely worth trying. When done right, your taste buds will be hit with a salvo of flavors and spice. South Indian fare has an array of vegetarian options too. I’m not a vegetarian at all but can eat and enjoy a veg South Indian meal. It would be nice if the DC area had some South Indian spots. Does anyone know of any in the area (DMV)?

  • I wonder if this is going to be from the dude from Rasika/Bombay Club – Ashok Bajaj. The Post did a piece on him and mentioned he was opening a new (and undisclosed) restaurant.

  • Naby’s space was *really* small. I’m surprised a restaurant wants to make a go of it.

  • Just tried Masala Art in Tenleytown, and if they mean something like that (high end feel but very affordable), I would be beyond thrilled.

    Also, yes – South Indian would be great. Bring on the dosas and chutney!

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